Thornapple Kellogg Invitational

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Thornapple Kellogg Invitational
Division C
Date February 6th, 2016
Year Started 2007
Location Middleville, Michigan

The Thornapple Kellogg Invitational (also abbreviated as the TKSO Invitational) was a Division C invitational hosted by Thornapple Kellogg High School in Middleville, Michigan. The 10th annual and final tournament was held on February 6th, 2016. Each attending team was responsible for supervising an event.


Year Champion Runner-up Third Place Fourth Place Fifth Place Teams
2015 Menomonie HS Maroon Grand Rapids Christian HS Black Northridge HS A Portage Central HS Gold Allendale HS Red 21
2016 Menomonie HS Maroon Grand Rapids Christian HS Black Portage Central HS Gold Hastings HS B St. Johns HS Pure 24