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(B Division)
(B Division)
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| [[Muscatel Middle School]]
| [[Muscatel Middle School]]
| B 06
| B 06
| [[Connecticut]]
| April 10th
| [[ ]]
| B 49
| [[Florida]]
| [[Florida]]
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| [[Jenison Junior High]]
| [[Jenison Junior High]]
| B 02
| B 02
| [[Connecticut]]
| April 10th
| [[ ]]
| B 49

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Teams That Have Qualified for the 2010 National Tournament

B Division

State Date of State Competition School Team Number
Montana November 24th, 2009 Big Timber Grade School B 38
New Mexico February 20th Albuquerque Academy B 33
Hawaii March 6th Maui Preparatory Academy B 56
Maine March 6th [[ ]] B 59
Minnesota March 6th Kenwood Middle School B 44
Nevada March 6th Hyde Park Middle School B 57
Alabama March 13th Auburn Junior High School B 21
Alabama March 13th Our Lady of the Valley B 22
Arizona March 13 Our Mother of Sorrows Catholic School B 43
New Jersey March 16th Community Middle School B 31
Alaska March 20th Teeland Middle School B 52
Indiana March 20th Thomas Jefferson Middle School B 27
Indiana March 20th Wilbur Wright Middle School B 28
Massachusetts March 20th Coolidge Middle School B 46
Mississippi March 26th Parklane Academy B 47
Delaware March 27th [[ ]] B 32
Georgia March 27th J C Booth Middle School B 15
Georgia March 27th Fulton Science Academy Middle School B 16
Missouri March 27th Ladue Middle School B 17
Missouri March 27th Pembroke Hill Middle School B 18
South Carolina March 27th Bell Street Middle School B 51
South Dakota March 27th Yankton Middle School B 53
Tennessee March 27th Bearden Middle School B 36
Utah March 27th Fairfield Junior High School B 39
Wyoming March 27th McCormick Junior High School B 54
Kansas April 3rd California Trail Junior High School B 25
Kansas April 3rd Leawood Middle School B 26
Illinois April 9th & 10th Marie Murphy Middle School B 13
Illinois April 9th & 10th South Middle School B 14
California (South) April 10th Muscatel Middle School B 06
Connecticut April 10th [[ ]] B 49
Florida April 10th Archiemdean Middle Conservatory B 23
Florida April 10th Windy Ridge B 24
Idaho April 10th St.Joseph's Catholic School B 42
Iowa April 10th [[]] B 55
Washington April 10th EXCEL Homeschoolers B 37
Wisconsin April 10th Hamilton Middle School B 34
California (North) April 17th Arden Middle School B 05
Louisiana April 17th St. Matthew the Apostle School B 45
Maryland April 17th North Bethesda Middle School B 48
Nebraska April 17th Mission Middle School B 41
Ohio April 17th Solon Middle School B 09
Ohio April 17th Magsig Middle School B 10
North Carolina April 23rd & 24th Jay M. Robinson Middle School B 07
North Carolina April 23rd & 24th Arendell Parrott Academy B 08
Texas April 23rd & 24th Beckendorff Junior High School B 19
Texas April 23rd & 24th Riverwood Middle School B 20
Colorado April 24th Preston Middle School B 30
Colorado April 24th Connect School Pueblo B 60
Kentucky April 24th Russel Independant Middle School B 35
North Dakota April 24th Wachter Middle School B 29
North Dakota April 24th Carrington Public School B 58
Rhode Island April 24th Barrington Middle School B 50
Virginia April 24th Longfellow Middle School B 40
Pennsylvania April 30th Bala Cynwyd Middle School B 11
Pennsylvania April 30th Strath Haven Middle School B 12
New York April 30th & May 1st Paul J Gelinas Junior High School B 03
New York April 30th & May 1st Eagle Hill Middle School B 04
Michigan May 1st Lakeshore Middle School B 01
Michigan May 1st Jenison Junior High B 02

C Division

State Date of State Competition School Team Number
Montana November 24th, 2009 Helena High School C 43
New Mexico February 20th Albuquerque Academy C 35
Arizona March 6th Catalina Foothills High School C 42
Delaware March 6th The Charter School of Wilmington C 31
Hawaii March 6th Mililani High School C 51
Nevada March 6th Clark High School C 54
Minnesota March 13th Eastview High School C 26
Oregon March 13th St. Mary's Academy C 56
New Jersey March 16th West-Windsor Plainsboro South C 33
New York March 19th & 20th Fayetteville-Manlius High School C 01
New York March 19th & 20th Ward Melville High School C 02
Alaska March 20th Colony High School C 58
Indiana March 20th Bloomington South High School C 21
Indiana March 20th Bloomington North High School C 22
Massachusetts March 20th Acton-Boxborough High School C 38
South Carolina March 20th Clinton High School C 47
Mississippi March 26th Parklane Academy C 52
Connecticut March 27th [[ ]] C 44
Missouri March 27th Ladue High School C 17
Missouri March 27th Pembroke Hill High School C 18
New Hampshire March 27th Merrimack High School C 49
South Dakota March 27th Yankton High School C 55
Tennessee March 27th Montgomery Bell Academy C 34
Utah March 27th Davis High School C 39
Wyoming March 27th Cheyenne Central High School C 53
Kansas April 3rd St. James Academy C 23
Kansas April 3rd Wichita Collegiate School C 24
Maine April 3rd Waterville Senior High School C 48
Illinois April 9th & 10th New Trier High School C 13
Illinois April 9th & 10th Adlai E. Stevenson High School C 14
Alabama April 10th Randolph School C 37
California (South) April 10th Troy High School C 04
Florida April 10th Gulf Breeze High School C 27
Florida April 10th Boca Raton Community High School C 60
Georgia April 10th Parkview High School C 15
Georgia April 10th Brookwood High School C 16
Idaho April 10th Bishop Kelly High School C 50
Iowa April 10th Ames High School C 57
Washington April 10th Stanwood High School C 30
Wisconsin April 10th Madison West High School C 29
California (North) April 17th Mira Loma High School C 03
Louisiana April 17th Baton Rouge Magnet High School C 40
Maryland April 17th River Hill High School C 46
Nebraska April 17th Bellevue East High School C 36
Ohio April 17th Solon High School C 11
Ohio April 17th Centerville High School C 12
North Carolina April 23rd & 24th Raleigh Charter High School C 07
North Carolina April 23rd & 24th North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics C 08
Texas April 23rd & 24th LASA C 19
Texas April 23rd & 24th Cypress Woods High School C 20
Colorado April 24th Poudre High School C 32
Kentucky April 24th duPont Manual High School C 28
North Dakota April 24th Bismarck Mandan Area Home C 25
North Dakota April 24th Maple Valley High School C 59
Rhode Island April 24th Barrington High School C 45
Virginia April 24th Langley High School C 41
Pennsylvania April 30th Harriton High School C 09
Pennsylvania April 30th Penncrest High School C 10
Michigan May 1st Grand Haven High School C 05
Michigan May 1st West Ottawa High School C 06

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