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UMSO Invitational
General Information
UMSO Invitational is located in Michigan
UMSO Invitational
LocationAnn Arbor, Michigan
Year started2018(C), 2020(B)
Total teams60 (C), 37 (B)
Division B ChampionMeads Mill Middle School
Division C ChampionCarmel High School
DateFebruary 15, 2020
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Division B Results
1st Meads Mill Middle School Gold 111
2nd East Middle School Red 183
3rd Slauson Middle School Maize 215
Division C Results
1st Carmel High School Blue 157
2nd Ann Arbor Pioneer High School Black 161
3rd Northville High School Black 182

The UMSO Invitational is a Division C and Division B invitational hosted by University of Michigan Science Olympiad in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Started in 2018, the 3rd annual UMSO Invitational was held on February 15th, 2020. The 1st and 2nd annual UMSO invitationals were Division C only, however in 2020 a Division B invitational was created, and 37 teams were in attendance. Teams attending the invitational do not have to worry about writing tests or running events, as UMSO prepares all the tests and runs all the events.

About University of Michigan Science Olympiad

The University of Michigan Science Olympiad is a University of Michigan student group which collectively heads the invitational. Many of the people involved in the University of Michigan Science Olympiad are former competitors. This group was started in 2018 to run the first annual UMSO invitational, which was a huge success, and has led to them hosting the invitational annually, and expanding the invitational to Division B, along with Division C. If you are a Science Olympiad competitor and are planning on going to the University of Michigan, consider getting involved!


Year Champion Runner-up Third Place Fourth Place Fifth Place Teams
2018 Ann Arbor Pioneer HS Purple (137) Northville HS Orange (148) Saline HS Blue (200) Stevenson HS (223) Holt HS Gold (244) 45
2019 Saline HS Blue (208) Carmel HS A (230) Lake Central HS Blue (282) Munster HS White (292) Forest Hills Central HS Green (321) 60
2020 Carmel High School Blue (157) Ann Arbor Pioneer Black (161) Northville High School Black (182) Menomonie Maroon (217) Saline High School Blue (269) 60
Year Champion Runner-up Third Place Fourth Place Fifth Place Teams
2020 Meads Mill Gold (111) East Middle School Red (183) Slauson Middle School Maize (215) Canton Charter Academy Blue (218) Slauson Middle School Blue (237) 37

Full Results

Division C


Division B



UMSO Invitational is known to publicly release the tests from the competition.

2018 Tests

2019 Tests

2020 Tests

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