University of Minnesota Invitational

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University of Minnesota Invitational
General Information
Location Twin Cities, Minnesota
Year started 2015
Division B
Date January 4th, 2020
Website [1]

The University of Minnesota Invitational, also known as the Gopher Invitational is a Division B invitational in Minnesota, and the only Minnesota invitational. Science Olympiad alumni that are currently attending the U of M arrange the tournaments, write the tests, and run the events.

Year Champion Runner-up Third Place Fourth Place Fifth Place Teams
2015 Chippewa Whales (48) Friedell Black (75) Chippewa Squids (87) Highview Goats (112) Friedell Yellow (132) 20
2016 Chippewa Whales (81) Friedell Black (112) Menomonie Maroon (136) Boyceville Varsity Purple (156) Highview A (162) 22
2017 Chippewa Bonsai (107) Menomonie Maroon (111) Chippewa Cacti (128) Chippewa Moss (136) Friedell Black (160) 26
2018 Chippewa Scorpions Chippewa Spiders Friedell Black
2019 Chippewa Middle School
2020 Chippewa Stink Squirrel (79) Chippewa Duck Puppy (81) Chippewa Tree Rat (120) [[Chippewa Middle School|Chippewa Wizard Cow] (135) New Richmond Black (154) 22