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|'''Regional medals/ribbons'''
|'''Regional medals/ribbons'''
| 12
| 15
|'''State medals/ribbons'''
|'''State medals/ribbons'''

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Adi1008's Accomplishments
Number of years competing 4
Total medals/ribbons 100+
Invitational medals/ribbons 100+
Regional medals/ribbons 15
State medals/ribbons 11
National medals/ribbons 11

Adi1008 is a current Division C competitor at Seven Lakes High School. He competed for Beckendorff Junior High School in Division B for 3 years (2013-2015), from 7th-9th grade.

Adi1008 is pretty stoked that Seven Lakes got third at nationals, which is the best placing SL has ever gotten and tied for the best placing a school from Texas has ever attained. Hopefully, the next year can be even better!!

In the 2016-17 season, he hopes to compete in Astronomy, Game On, WIDI, Hovercraft, Electric Vehicle, and Optics!

Previous National Placements

UCF 2014: Solar System 3rd, Rotor Egg Drop 6th, Experimental Design 19th, Team 1st

UNL 2015: Picture This 2nd, Solar System 3rd, Crave the Wave 5th, Wheeled Vehicle 13th, Team 2nd

UW-Stout 2016: Astronomy 1st, WIDI 4th, Game On 5th, Bridge 8th, Team 3rd


Adi1008's hobbies include playing basketball and football, reading, and wasting ridiculous amounts of time on reddit! His first love was Hawken, but unfortunately, that game is essentially dead now. ;-;