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Adi1008's Accomplishments
Number of years competing 4
Total medals/ribbons 50+
Invitational medals/ribbons 50+
Regional medals/ribbons 12
State medals/ribbons 11
National medals/ribbons 11

Adi1008 is a current Division C competitor at Seven Lakes High School. He competed for Beckendorff Junior High in Division B for 3 years (2013-2015), from 7th-9th grade.

Previous Placements

UCF 2014: Solar System 3rd, Rotor Egg Drop 6th, Experimental Design 19th, Team 1st

UNL 2015: Picture This 2nd, Solar System 3rd, Crave the Wave 5th, Wheeled Vehicle 13th, Team 2nd

UW-Stout 2016: Astronomy 1st, WIDI 4th, Game On 5th, Bridge 8th, Team 3rd