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|112||The Ides of March||Fibonacci924||3||1||12||JasperKota
|112||The Ides of March||Fibonacci924||3||1||12||JasperKota
|113||Friday the 13th||TBD||TBD||TBD||TBD||TBD
|113||Friday the 13th<sup>6</sup>||TBD||TBD||TBD||TBD||TBD
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:<sup>4</sup> In Assassination 77, paleonaps used a modified set of rules. There were ten officers, with three accusations each, and clues were given five at a time.
:<sup>4</sup> In Assassination 77, paleonaps used a modified set of rules. There were ten officers, with three accusations each, and clues were given five at a time.
:<sup>5</sup> In Assassination 107, the three assassinators used a modified version of the rules. There were 7 officers and 21 accusations.
:<sup>5</sup> In Assassination 107, the three assassinators used a modified version of the rules. There were 7 officers and 21 accusations.
:<sup>6</sup> In Assassination 113, the assassinator allowed up to 3 replacements of dead officers by civilians, given that the potential replacements solve the clues correctly.
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The Assassination Games are a series of role-playing games that have taken place on Scioly.org since 2008. The first Assassinator, and founder of the game, is Skystrider. The games have been played somewhat regularly since the first one.

How It's Played

The Characters

Assassinator: The assassinator, commonly called "the sassy" or "assasstornado," is the host of the game. There is an account designated for this purpose which is passed from the one assassinator to the next. The assassinator's objective is to "kill" users without having his or her true identity discovered.

Officers: When a game starts, users can become an officer. Officers have the power to protect players from being killed and accuse the assassinator of his identity. There are typically five officers in a game.

Civilians: This is essentially everybody else. Civilians can help the officers solve the clues and discover the identity of the assassinator, but they have no power to protect or accuse.

The Dead: Typically, once killed, a user cannot post about the game. In some games they may not post in the game thread at all, though usually minimal posting is tolerated as long as they don't help the officers.

The Rules

Although the rules vary from game to game, they are based on a basic set of rules that have evolved as the games have been played. Occasionally an assassinator will introduce bold new rules or novel game styles, some of which worked and some of which didn't. The basic rules are as follows:

1. The officers will be the next five people who send correct answers to the clue. Put in a bit of thought before posting. If you have not been around for awhile, it is less likely that you will be able to identify me.
2. There will be no "informants", but civilians may post.
3. People will die. However, there are some exceptions. I will not kill administrators or moderators. In return, I ask that they not reveal my identity.
4. Officers may protect one person per clue.
5. Once an officer has made three incorrect accusations, he may not accuse or protect anyone.
6. The assassin will provide clues which plainly point to his next victim, and occasionally to himself.
7. The assassin will continue to post with his true account, and may provide hints there.
8. When accusing someone of being Assassinator you must use the following template "I accuse (place name here) because (give reason here)." If you don't use this template when accusing the accusation won't count.
9. Once "killed" a user may not post about the identity of the assassinator.
10. Non officers may post.
11. Each clue will last 48 hours, after which the Assassinator will kill.
12. If the Assassinator does not reply in 7 days after all protects are made, each officer gets a free accusation. However that accusation must be made next time the user posts and cannot be stored as an extra one to use later.
13. Each officer begins with one accusation. You will earn an accusation with each correct protection.
14. The Assassinator wins after 15 incorrect accusations have been made, but the number needed to win goes down by one with each kill.
15. The Assassinator reserves the right to add to these rules as he deems necessary.


A new game starts when the assassinator starts a new thread with the number and title of the game. In the first post the assassinator will provide the rules and usually a short story or introduction to the game. Each game usually has a theme which has to do with the title and stories provided by the assassinator. Some games are heavily themed, whereas others, especially early games, had virtually no theme. The assassinator will also provide the opportunity for becoming an officer. Often this is an entry clue, which must be solved and the answer PM'd to the assassinator. Another common way is the assassinator will say, "The first five people to post in this thread will become an officer." Once all five officers have been selected the assassinator will provide the first clue and the game starts. Note that it is possible and actually rather common for the assassinator to be an officer through his true account.

The Clues

The assassinator will provide a clue that points to his next victim. These are commonly referred to as "Kill Clues." It is up to the officers to solve the clue and protect the assassinator's target. Anyone is welcome to help solve the clue, though only officers may protect. Once solved, clues will commonly refer to a user's name, school, avatar, previous posts, location, or signature. Popular types of clues include ciphers, word puzzles, dates, coordinates, hidden text, math, and pictures. Good clues will directly point to one user, though it is not uncommon to have vague or ambiguous clues which could point to multiple users. It is traditional and expected for the assassinator to only target active users that are or have previously been involved with the games. Note that the assassinator may target themselves. It is also expected that the assassinator will refrain from killing moderators or admins, though they are occasionally targeted. Officers may protect within the time limit given by the assassinator, usually 48 hours, after which any protects made will be ignored. After the time limit is up, or all the officers have made their protections the assassinator will post. If an officer protected correctly, then the target will not die and that officer will receive an accusation. If the target was not protected, then the assassinator will "kill" them. Then the assassinator will provide the next clue and it all starts again.


The main objective for the officers is to figure out who the assassinator actually is. The assassinator will provide "Identity Clues" which are usually very difficult to discern and sometimes aren't even used to discover who the assassinator is. Officers may use any tools and resources at their disposal to find out who the assassinator is. Once an officer thinks that he might know who the assassinator is, they may make an "Accusation" if they have one. If they are correct then they win the game. If not, then the game continues.


The officer or officers win when the assassinators identity is discovered and an officer correctly accuses them, or in the rare case that the assassinator quits or kills themselves. The assassinator wins when the kill/accusation count-down reaches zero, when all officers are dead, or when all possible accusations have been used. At the end of the game, the winning officer will choose the next assassinator and PM his pick to the assassinator. If the assassinator won, then he will pick the next assassinator. Then the account will be transferred and a new game will start.


# Title Assassinator Number of Kills (Including Officers) Number of Officers Killed Number of Clues Given Correct Accusing Officer
1 Mafia Reborn Skystrider 1 0 3 tehkubix
2 The Return starpug 2 0 6 dudeincolorado
3 The Grudge dudeincolorado 1 0 6 Pleiades
4 The Killing Spree gneissisnice 1 0 6 tehkubix
5 Assassinator's Revenge rocketman1555 3 0 5 starpug
6 Camera Obscura SiegeLord 3 0 8 rocketman1555
7 The Deal tehkubix 0 0 0 starpug
8 Redemption starpug 4 3 9 tehkubix
9 The Reformation dudeincolorado 1 0 4 rocketman1555
10 The New Era robotman09 (Committed "Suicide") 4 2 13 none
11 Murder of the Minds gneissisnice 2 1 10 rocketman1555
12 Reign of the Hunted ichaelm 0 0 9 starpug
13 Hell is for Children Inuyashakusho (Deeisenberg) 0 0 2 robotman09
14 Murder from Behind genes_girl 0 0 5 Aia
15 The Bloodiest Bedlam Aia 1 0 2 cooltiger
16 The Agonizing Abyss eyeball138 3 1 12 rocketman1555
17 The Painful Plateaus robotman09 6 3 (one guessed out) 19 croman74
18 The Great Fear Pleiades 2 0 10 starpug
19 The Westley Wind starpug 0 0 (one guessed out) 5 sweetcoop
20 The Mobbing at Mosca sweetcoop 0 0 3 Pleiades
21 The Hotel Hell croman74 2 0 4 trajectoryroxs
22 Periculosus Mors trajectoryroxs 0 0 6 cooltiger
23 The Bloody Graveyard Jocool 0 0 3 croman74
24 The Final Fall Cooltiger 0 0 1 eyeball138
25 Death Incarnate rocketman1555 0 0 2 trajectoryroxs
26 The Bloody Knife Thewho 1 0 5 JonnyC
27 The Macabre Massacre EastStroudsburg13 1 0 3 trajectoryroxs
28 Nightfall chia (gave up) 2 0 9 none
29 Bloodbath of Betreyal X_SOninja_X 1 0 5 Gyourkoshaven
30 Ashes to Ashes JonnyC 0 0 (one guessed out) 4 haven chuck
31 Guernica Inuyashakusho (Deeisenberg) (gave up) 0 0 0 none
32 Death of the Innocents Inuyashakusho (Deeisenberg) 0 0 1 Starpug
33 The Powerful Purge fmtiger124 0 0 1 eyeball138
34 A Bit of Culture dudeincolorado 0 0 1 croman74
35 The Time is Now fmtiger124 2 1 3 Pleiades
36 The Forsaken Forum croman74 1 0 2 JonnyC
37 Stairway to Death Pleaides 2 1 4 nejanimb
38 Old-School Murder gyourkoshaven 2 0 5 robotman09
39 Sepolcro di Dispiacere robotman09 and Deeisenberg 1 0 6 eyeball138
40 Death on the High Seas starpug 0 0 6 rocketman1555
41 Ezekiel 25:17 RandomPerson52 1 0 2 fmtiger124
42 DON'T PANIC nejanimb 0 0 3 robotman09
43 Revenge of the Fallen AlphaTauri 0 0 6 SOninja
44 Rouge Assassin1 DarkSabre 2 0 (Three Guessed Out) 10 croman74
45 The Poetic Assassin gneissisnice 0 0 5 AlphaTauri
46 Ashen Cadavers X_SOninja_X 1 0 5 blue cobra
47 Join the Dark Side blue cobra (Committed "Suicide") 1 0 6 none
48 Killing on the River sweetcoop (gave up) 0 0 4 none
49 A Red Herring robodude 3 3 5 fmtiger124
50 Scylla's Sceptre EastStroudsburg13, robotman09, Deeisenberg, starpug, fmtiger124, and DarkSabre 5 1 8 RandomPerson52 (Got majority of Accusations)
51 Where No One Has Died Before zyzzyva98 3 2 4 winneratlife
52 Checkmate robodude 3 1 7 fmtiger124
53 The Wanderer amerikestrel 1 0 7 EastStroudsburg13
54 The Untouchable paleonaps 1 1(one guessed out) 6 zyzzyva98
55 The Cup of Death winneratlife 1 0 3 fmtiger124
56 Mission Impossible2 Paradox21 5 1(four guessed out) 10 none
57 Judgment Day IdahoSciGuy 3 3 8 robodude
58 A Killing Carol robodude 1 1 3 Paradox21
59 At The Bell's Chime robodude 0 0 4 fmtiger124
60 The Lottery RandomPerson52 5 0(1 guessed out) 10 AlphaTauri
61 Murder Theater zyzzyva98 0 0 3 trajectoryroxs
62 Game Over IdahoSciGuy 4 1 0 robodude (trajectoryroxs spilled the beans)
63 The Mob Seizes Power3 IdahoSciGuy & ??? zyzzyva98
64 The Hosts of History Arise kjhsscioly 4 1 9 ophiophagus
65 The Psychopath Next Door quizbowl & paleonaps 3 2 6 winneratlife
66 The Revival fmtiger124 1 0 8 brobo
67 A Partisan Divide Kokonilly 0 0 1 winneratlife
68 Heroes and Villains Kokonilly 0 0 2 Luo
69 Rise of a Dynasty thewinner 1 1 6 winneratlife
70 Rational Revenge aubrey048 0 0 1 Kokonilly
71 Rise of the Unknown fmtiger124 1 1 3 zyzzyva98
72 Pandora's Box ophiophagus 3 1 5 EpicFailOlympian
73 Gunfight at the S.O. Corral zyzzyva98 3 2 14 none
74 Dead Island IdahoSciGuy 1 0 0 AlphaTauri
75 The Point of No Return AlphaTauri 4 1(one guessed out) 12 harryk
76 Blue Sands harryk 0 0 1 TheGenius
77 Coup d'état4 paleonaps 3 0 10 (given in 5-clue bursts) fmtiger124
78 Destiny Calls fmtiger124 1 1 4 RandomPerson
79 Elementary My Dear Watson rocketman1555 9 5 9 none
80 The Wretched Wraith -- 3 1 4 none
81 End of the World haverstall 11 3 19 none
82 The Great War paleonaps 3 0 8 Littleboy
83 A Christmas Killing harryk 7 1 19 EASTstroudsburg13
84 It's Fairy Tale Time Littleboy 0 0 3 foreverphysics
85 A Simple Test TheGenius 7 2 16 harryk
86 The Labyrinth City foreverphysics 12 3 17 none
87 Crossfire AlphaTauri 3 1 13 twototwenty
88 A Social Experiment Kokonilly (gave up) 3 2 7 none
89 The Promise of Dying zyzzyva98 1 0 12 twototwenty
90 The Theory Littleboy 5 1 13 mnstrviola
91 The Epidemic aim4me26 0 0 5 twototwenty
92 The Eleventh Hour TheGenius 1 0 3 foreverphysics
93 S.S Scioly mnstrviola 7 7 fozendog
94 Panem Chaos/The Lost Planet Littleboy 3 1 21 iwonder
95 Wright State Gone Wrong iwonder 1 1 12 strawberrygirl
96 Dear Diary Skink 0 0 0 Littleboy
97 Gotta Catch 'Em All EpicFailOlympian 4 1 12 SilverNight (solved by Cedavis6)
98 The Most Dangerous Game Cedavis6 (gave up) 1 0 6 none
99 The Event twototwenty 1 0 5 SilverNight
100 Mafia Reborn zyzzyva98, EastStroudsburg13, and robotman(?) (Game ended due to inactivity/gave up) 4 2 10 Skink, aim4me26
101 The Rise fozendog 1 0 7 Liv
102 Cerberus Unleashed Liv, quizbowl, and unknown 5 3 9 iwonder, thehydrogenpoptart
103 Murder by Death TheGenius 6 1 (1 fired) 18 fozendog
104 Cyborg Invasion mrburrito (game ended due to general inactivity) none
105 Jester's Revenge zyzzyva980 (April Fool's Joke) none
105.5 Death by Death, A Bland Title UTF-8 U+6211 U+662F (game ended due to general inactivity) 4 1 7 none
106 Curtain Call Panda Weasley 9 0 13 dragon_fruit35
107 The Unforgivable Curses5 dragon_fruit35, SOnerd, and JasperKota 7 5 18 Fluffy Crustacean
108 At the World's Fair Fibonacci924 2 1 5 dragon_fruit35
109 Another Wright State Gone Wrong Entomology 4 1 17 [NerdyTotoro]
110 Rumble in Rio EastStroudsburg13 7 2 22 Fluffy Crustacean
111 Third Down dragon_fruit35 11 5 17 azuritemalachite
112 The Ides of March Fibonacci924 3 1 12 JasperKota
113 Friday the 13th6 TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD

NOTE: Several name changes have taken place as the Assassinator games have progressed:

tehkubix had his name changed to sachleen.
Inuyashakusho had his name changed to Deeisenberg.
trajectoryroxs had her name changed to Liv.
robodude had his name changed to brobo.
paleonaps95 had his name changed to paleonaps.
RandomPerson52 had his name changed to RandomPerson.
robotman09 had his name changed to robotman
1 In Assassination 43, DarkSabre used a special set of rules involving 10 officers and each officer got a "co-accusation" and a normal accusation
2 In Assassination 56, Paradox21 became the first assassinator to win a game. Though not all officers were killed, four guessed out, giving Paradox21 the victory.
3 In Assassination 63, IdahoSciGuy and his co-assassinator (identity unknown) used a modified version of the rules. It was set up to be similar to traditional mafia games.
4 In Assassination 77, paleonaps used a modified set of rules. There were ten officers, with three accusations each, and clues were given five at a time.
5 In Assassination 107, the three assassinators used a modified version of the rules. There were 7 officers and 21 accusations.
6 In Assassination 113, the assassinator allowed up to 3 replacements of dead officers by civilians, given that the potential replacements solve the clues correctly.