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Open to writing Rocks and/or Ornithology for 2021-2022 season, based in PA for supervising/proctoring.

Graduated '20 after competing in Ohio for 6 years. When I supervise, I try to post histos and an ES review if there is a forum page. Otherwise, I update the scilympiad introduction with the histos after awards.

Message me on Discord Axolotl#5248 to talk about ID events or exchange fossils memes!

Name + Position Average/Total Score (%) Event Takeaways
University of Texas Austin (ATX)
Co-Event Supervisor
Div C: 56.87/323 (17%)
Div B: 42.46/266 (16%)
Fossils Thank you palaeocastor for co-writing! Div B/C should have <60% of the same questions. The majority of participants split up and take the test independently; stations should vary in difficulty.
Pearl City
Event Supervisor
Div C: 47.53/153 (31%)
Div B: 33.19/153 (22%)
Fossils Check the level (Reg/State/Nat) of the competition before test writing.
Pearl City
Event Supervisor
Disappeared into the scilympiad void Ornithology Obscure calls/eggs should be used sparingly outside of ID stations. Also, have a backup plan for audio files (now using tinyurls!).
Penn State University (SOAPS)
Primary Event Supervisor
Div C: 64.89/281.5 (23%) Fossils Thank you sundropofdew for co-writing! Reducing answer formatting and putting referenced images on every question reduces scrolling.
Penn State University (SOAPS)
Assistant Event Supervisor
Div C: 72.71/243.5 (30%) Ornithology Thank you Bea for co-writing! Asking competitors to alphabetize answers for multiple blank questions is too time consuming, it seems.
Yale University
Event Supervisor
Div C: 69.38/275 (25%) Ornithology Google docs are a pain to grade :') and same day awards are stressful (last block event), sorry for contributing to the awards delay!
University of Cincinnati
Event Supervisor
Div C: 41.14/158 (26%) Fossils Self care is writing a shorter test when you know you're grading alone :D hope you still learned something even if it was pretty short!
University of Pittsburgh
Event Chair
Div B: 41.14/136 (30%) Fossils Running an invite goes hand in hand with sleep deprivation. Still worth it and fun, thanks to officers, committee, and volunteers for helping!!!
University of Pittsburgh
Event Chair
Div B: 51.13/135 (38%) Ornithology Thanks to Thuan for helping avert a scioly crisis, as much as we complain about Scilympiad the response to tech issues is astonishingly quick.
Co-Event Supervisor
Div B: 44.61/153 (29%)
Div C: 63.53/234 (27%)
Ornithology Thank you all TDs for running and soph and bea for co-writing, BirdSO Or-Knee Gang foreverrr! First event I've written with a normal distribution!
Mason Invitational
Event Supervisor
Div C: 74.4/299 (25%) Fossils Thank you to nishi_fishie and ToucanDude2411 for co-writing, y'all made this a super fun experience even if awards took us 10 tries to film. Congrats to Mason for their first ever invite!!!
UT Regionals
Event Supervisor
Div B: 61.04/159 (38%)
Div C: 60.75/159 (38%)
Ornithology Was actually on a trip during this but they gave me +10 graders for 30ish teams, so grading took less than 2hrs. Thanks to TDs and volunteers for making this an awesome experience!
SoCal States
Event Supervisor
Test not released
Div C: 81.92/197 (42%)
Fossils Thank you to jenjibread for helping me grade! This test was comparatively shorter, but I still tried to have some more niche and evidence/critical thinking type questions. Congrats to everyone for making the best of this scioly season :D
Mason Tryouts 20-21
Test Writer
Div C: N/A Fossils May or may not have been too difficult...
Captain's Summer Exchange '18-20
Primary Moderator, Test Writer
Div C: N/A Fossils Send updates frequently to keep schools on track!