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General Information
Current Team Bell Elementary School
State IL
Total medals 11
Invitational medals 3
Regional medals 4
State medals 4

Booknerd attends Bell Elementary School in Chicago, IL since 2018 and joined Science Olympiad in 6th grade. He has since then competed in many events, was the head of a team spirit planning group for his team (but the season got ended early), and has participated in Bell Elementary School's team ever since the school first started a team.

Event Placings


2018-2019 Disease Detectives Dynamic Planet Experimental Design Fossils Herpetology Pentathlon (Trial) Write It, Do It Team
Chicago Public Schools Invitational - 1st - 4th - - 5th ?*
Regionals 4th 1st 7th 2st - - 5th 6th
State (A) ?* 1st 6th 1st 4th 1st - ?*
State (A+AA) 37th 7th 26th 7th 23rd 1st - 39th (743)

*I am writing this all down from what I remember off the top of my head, and so I don't remember all my placings.

Gold Booknerd has received a Gold medal in Dynamic Planet at Chicago Public Schools Invitational.
4th Booknerd has received a 4th place medal in Disease Detectives at Chicago Public Schools Regional.
Gold Booknerd has received a Gold medal in Dynamic Planet at Chicago Public Schools Regional.
Silver Booknerd has received a Silver medal in Fossils at Chicago Public Schools Regional.
5th Booknerd has received a 5th place medal in Write It, Do It at Chicago Public Schools Regional.

Gold Booknerd has received a Gold medal in Dynamic Planet at Illinois State.
Gold Booknerd has received a Gold medal in Fossils at Illinois State.
4th Booknerd has received a 4th place medal in Herpetology at Illinois State.
Gold Booknerd has received a Gold medal in Pentathlon at Illinois State.


2019-2020 Dynamic Planet Elastic Launched Glider Fossils Road Scholar Team
University of Chicago Invitational 25th 25th 19th 21th 24th
Chicago Public Schools Invitational** - 4th* 1st - 2nd

*Although I got 4th overall, I medaled 3rd place among varsity teams. **Dynamic Planet and Road Scholar were not run at this invitational.

The season was cut short due to COVID-19 related concerns, and so regionals and all competitions after got canceled.

Gold Booknerd has received a Gold medal in Fossils at Chicago Public Schools Invitational.
Bronze Booknerd has received a Bronze medal in Elastic Launched Glider at Chicago Public Schools Invitational.

My thoughts on each year


It was definitely a really fun year. Dynamic Planet was really fun (glaciers!), and my partner was amazing. We pulled through every tournament with a first-place medal is Dynamic Planet. Fossils was also really fun, and my partner was also amazing. I had originally started out with 3 events (Fossils, Dynamic Planet, WIDI), but at regs I volunteered to do Disease Detectives and Experimental Design as well. After regs, I dropped WIDI, because it didn't feel right for me, and I did Pentathlon at state. I also subbed in for Herpetology last-minute, and after guessing on all the multiple-choice questions, we somehow got fourth place. That was definitely a really successful first season for me. The one thing I do regret is that I was never able to ever get a medal in Experimental Design. I was really hoping to get one at state, and we were just one place short of getting a 5th place medal.


This year was definitely interesting. I wanted to do six events, like last season, but my coach didn't let me and wanted me to focus on 4. I agreed reluctantly and did four events. At UChicago, I butchered all my events, coming nearly last in all of them. I didn't expect it to be so hard. After that experience, I studied harder, and I had more success at Westinghouse. Although they only ran two of my four events, I was able to medal in both Fossils and ELG. Our team was extremely successful at Westinghouse, getting second place. After that, I decided to pick up Disease Detectives again (a member of our team was unable to make it to regionals), but regionals got canceled 3 days before it was scheduled to happen. It was a rough week for me. I was already busy with managing our team's team spirit committee and other competitions when our coach got a message that Illinois Tech was canceling all large events and gatherings due to COVID-19, including our regional tournament. We had high hopes for regionals, but they got crushed. Oh well... At least we have next year, right?

Event Experience

Div. B

Lots of experience, enough to say I'm confident at it

Some experience, enough to say I can do decently at it

Not a lot of experience, but enough to know what was going on

  • Herpetology (Mostly multiple choice questions on the test so...)

My Resources

Here are some of the tests/notes/guides I've made:

Other Activities

I do other things with my life. I like other competitions. One of my favorites is Future Problem Solving. I'm proud to be a 2018 international finalist in FPSPI. I also participate in Invention Convention (I placed at the National Invention Convention in 2020), I qualified for the citywide spelling bee in 2020, and of course science olympiad. I also do track and field and cross country. I play piano and violin. I also like to sleep. A lot. I am also raising an avocado plant. His name is Alvin.