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CPScienceDude is currently a freshman that attends Crown Point High School. He also attended Robert A. Taft Middle School, or just Taft Middle School. He has participated in Science Olympiad since the 2017 season and plans on continuing to participate in Science Olympiad at Crown Point High School. Currently, he is debating on whether to pursue pathology or aerospace engineering

Total Medal Count

CPScienceDude's Accomplishments
Number of years in Science Olympiad 4, going on 5*
Approx. Invitational Medals 15
Number of Regional Medals 7
Number of State Medals 2

  • - If you're counting elementary school (not included in medal counts)

Also, I have left out the invitationals from 6th and 7th grade because I don't remember which ones we went to, lol.

Past Results

2017 Sixth Grade

My first year in the amazing world of Science Olympiad! It was a pretty decent year, but definitely not my best. In my first year I competed in Hovercraft, Road Scholar, and Write It Do It. My hovercraft was my baby, but it was lame. It kinda sucked, but hey I tried. I was honestly pretty annoyed I was in RS, but I eventually came to love it. However, I had only bad feelings about WIDI. Ew ew ew ew ew ew. I HATE WIDI. I'm sorry, but it's just such a dumb event. AND my partner wrote in really bad cursive. It was completely illegible. Overall, my 6th grade year was very important, and sparked my passion for SciOly, so I guess it wasn't that bad.

Event Regionals States
Team 3rd 14th
Hovercraft 3rd 10th
Road Scholar 2nd 9th
Write It Do It 9th 22nd

2018 Seventh Grade

Year 2 in the world of SciOly! In seventh grade I competed in Hovercraft, Road Scholar, and Mystery Architecture. This year I really started to get involved and dedicated to Scioly. Road Scholar quickly became my favorite event, and Hovercraft was a close second. Mystery Architecture, however, was hell on earth for me. I hated that event so badly. It was just annoying to compete in. This was also the first time I was close to placing at state, with an 8th in Road Scholar. And once again, my hovercraft crapped out for states. It ran well at all the invys but then suddenly started to suck again, which made me mad, but whatever. This year was pretty great, but not the best for me based on my placings.

Event Regionals States
Team 2nd 14th
Hovercraft 3rd 12th
Road Scholar 3rd 8th
Mystery Architecture 9th 30th

2019 Eighth Grade

This year was by far my best in Scioly. I was such a fun and amazing year for me. I competed in Thermodynamics, Crime Busters, and Mystery Architecture. I also subbed in Heredity, and Experimental Design. This was also the year I found, and I kind of attribute this website to my success. Anyway, my season got off to a slow start, at the Hammond Invitational, only getting a 6th, 3rd, and a 2nd (out of 9 teams). Doing so poorly was a wake-up call for me and I kicked it into high gear. I practiced more, and studied harder. We were also supposed to go to the Northridge and Mishawaka invitationals, but unfortunately those were both cancelled. Then the Valpo invy rolled around and I was stoked. With a 12 in thermo, 3rd in heredity, and 1st in crime busters, I had a renewed vigor for Scioly. I worked harder than ever to prepare for regionals. It payed off with a 1st in all of my events. States rolled around eventually and I got 4th in Thermo and mystery architecture. After this season I am as excited as ever for the 2020 season.

Event Hammond Valpo Regionals States
Team 1st 7th 2nd 16th
Crime Busters 6th 1st 1st 8th
Heredity x 3rd^ x x
Thermodynamics 3rd 9th 1st 4th
Mystery Architecture x x 1st^ 4th

2020 Freshman

Coming soon

Event Northridge Regionals States
Gravity Vehicle

X - Indicates that I did not compete in that event

^ - Indicates that I was randomly placed in that event as a sub.

Events Ranked

These are all the events that I have competed in ranked from favorite to least favorite:

Division B


1. Crime Busters

2. Hovercraft

3. Thermodynamics

4. Road Scholar


5. Mystery Architecture

6. Heredity

7. Experimental Design


8. Write It Do It

Division C

Coming soon

Test Writing Experience


Hammond Invitational - Road Scholar