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|'''number of years in SO'''=1
|'''number of invitational medals'''=0
|'''number of regional medals'''=3
|'''number of state medals'''=0
|'''number of national medals'''=never reached
'''chaguy2457''' (me) is a student in 11th grade at [[Collegiate School]] in New York, [[New York]]. I have also attended various other schools in the Tri-State Area.
I am the co-captain-elect of Collegiate, and for the 2015-2016 season I was a new member flip-flopping between the A and B team. As a captain, I hope to reboost the team into top three at regionals and beat our team's best finish at states (19th).
My username stems from my nickname in eighth grade. The origin of the nickname is unknown. Since eighth grade was the time when I joined a bunch of online websites, I made it my username for just about everything since it disguises my real name to those who don't know me but identifies me pretty quickly to those who know me. The numbers following were randomly added once I realized users have already registered the name itself.
''For a more detailed event history, see [[User:chaguy2457#Places of Science Olympiad Events|Places of Science Olympiad Events]].''
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===Division C===
{{medals|result=4|event=It's About Time|competition=2016 New York Metropolitan Regionals|name=chaguy2457}}
{{medals|result=10|event=Fossils|competition=2016 New York Metropolitan Regionals|name=chaguy2457}}
{{medals|result=10|event=Game On|competition=2016 New York Metropolitan Regionals|name=chaguy2457}}
==Other Activities==
I also participate in other extracurricular activities outside of Science Olympiad. Here is a list of my activities:
==Places of Science Olympiad Events==
===Division C===
This was my first year competing in Science Olympiad, and I was a junior in high school. The past two years were riddled with other time commitments that barred me from participating. I started off on my school's B team but fought my way onto the A team when it was time for us to go to States. Despite a hopeful top-20 finish at the Yale Invitational and a 4th place finish at Regionals, we placed our worst finish in years at States (36th), which was a huge disappointment for our team. We still beat out our two rivals, [[The Dalton School]] and [[The Trinity School]], which made the year not a complete disaster.
'''Yale Invitational'''
Yale was a great experience as I got acquainted with how Science Olympiad really works. I competed for the B team. I didn't medal in any event, but I finished in the top half of the event I had prepared by far the most for, [[Fossils]], so I was happy about that. [[Dynamic Planet]] went well considering my partner and I were more invested in other events, and during [[Game On]] I had a brain fart and neglected maybe half of the rubric.
:[[Fossils]]: 15th
:[[Dynamic Planet]]: 25th
:[[Game On]]: 30th
''Team result:'' 18th (A team) and 31st (B team)
Regionals was crazy considering that our team forgot to prepare for event conflicts, so I filled in for other events, leaving me with 6 on the day. I competed for B team again. The highlight was placing 4th in [[It's About Time]] even though I was asked to do that event at the last minute (my partner had an amazingly accurate clock, which helped). I landed 2 other medals in [[Fossils]] and [[Game On]]. [[Dynamic Planet]] went OK consider my partner and I forgot to put information about currents on our cheat sheets. Otherwise, the other two events I tried to do were disasters. Luckily, with this performance I was chosen for the team that would attend the State tournament.
:[[It's About Time]]: 4th
:[[Fossils]]: 10th
:[[Game On]]: 10th
:[[Dynamic Planet]]: 16th
:[[Green Generation]]: 30th
:[[Forensics]]: 46th
''Team result:'' 6th (A team), 26th (B team), 49th (C team) <br>
''School result:'' 4th overall
For States, I had to fill in for my friend after he succumbed to an illness. Thus we lost a lot of talent, and I'll admit that I wasn't prepared enough for my events. My only highlight was beating [[Stuyvesant High School]] in [[It's About Time]], but otherwise I fell way short of the expectations I had set for myself.
:[[It's About Time]]: 25th
:[[Dynamic Planet]]: 30th
:[[Fossils]]: 32nd
:[[Disease Detectives]]: 32nd
:[[Game On]]: 37th
:[[Forensics]]: 42nd
''Team result:'' 36th
At the end of the 2016 season, I was selected by the coaches and captains to be a co-captain for my senior year. My personal goals are to medal in all three or four of my events at Regionals, and my goals for the team are top 3 for schools at Regionals and top 20 at States. The events I plan on doing are [[Experimental Design]], [[Game On]], [[Rocks and Minerals]], and [[Sounds of Music]] if it does become a trial event. My team will compete at the MIT and Yale Invitationals.
==Favorite Events==
As you could probably see, I'm partial to study and lab events. Here is my top 5 favorite Division C events.
===Division C===
#[[Game On]]
#[[It's About Time]]
#[[Sounds of Music]]
#[[Rocks and Minerals]]
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