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Career History

2009-2010 (Div B, Wilbur Wright MS)

State - Bio-Process Lab 1st, Disease Detectives 6th

Nationals - Ecology 5th, Disease Detectives 9th, Bio-Process 42nd :(

2010-2011 (Div B)

State - Solar System 1st, Disease Detectives 2nd, Ecology 4th, Fossils 6th

Nationals - Didn't qualify >:( Missed by 1 point

2011-2012 (Div B)

State - Dynamic Planet 1st, Reach for the Stars 1st, Road Scholar 1st, Compute This 6th

Nationals :( - Dynamic Planet 24th, Microbe Mission 12th, Reach for the Stars 15th, Road Scholar 15th

2012-2013 (Div C-Munster HS)

State - Anatomy & Physiology 1st, Astronomy 1st, Disease Detectives 3rd, Dynamic Planet 1st

Nationals - Anatomy & Physiology 12th, Astronomy 14th, Disease Detectives 25th :(, Dynamic Planet 6th