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cyanophycean314 is a proud Science Olympiad member of Carmel High School, Indiana. He's been competing since 9th grade. He tends to lean towards physics events.

11-12 Season (9th Grade)

This was my first year doing Science Olympiad, as our school system does not have a middle school program. I competed in Thermodynamics, Optics, and Experimental Design.

I did well at Northridge and State, Regionals weren't very good for me.

Thermodynamics Optics Experimental Design
Northridge Inv. 6th 3rd 4th
Regionals Tier II-ed D: Conflict D: 6th
State 3rd 2nd 10th

12-13 Season (10th Grade)

This year I was an officer in our Science Olympiad program. I went mainly for Thermodynamics, Circuit Lab, Dynamic Planet, and Maglev, but Dynamic had conflicts later in the season and I was too busy working on thermo to build a Maglev.

This year we went to the Whiting Invitationals for the first time. Circuit Lab was my best/favorite event this year.

Thermodynamics Circuit Lab Dynamic Planet
Whiting Inv. 2nd 3rd 6th
Northridge Inv. 4th 1st 3rd
Regionals 2nd 1st Conflict D:
State 4th 1st Conflict D: