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Hello there! Glad you stopped by. This page is under construction and will be updated when I get my sanity back. :/


About Me

daydreamer0023 was a competitor from 7th-12th grade at Carnage Middle School (2013-15) and Enloe High School (2015-19), and was a two-year captain for the latter. She is currently a member of Division D.

NCDaydreamer0023 competes or competed in North Carolina.

Season Summaries

2016-17 (10th Grade, Division C)

Regionals States Nationals
Forensics 1st 2nd 26th
Helicopters 2nd 2nd 23rd
Wind Power 2nd 5th 18th

2015-16 (9th Grade, Division C)

Regionals States Nationals
Forensics 2nd 2nd --
Fossils 1st 1st 22nd
Wind Power -- -- 24th
Wright Stuff 1st 2nd 27th

2014-15 (8th Grade, Division B)

Regionals States
Crime Busters 1st 2nd
Simple Machines 1st 8th

2013-14 (7th Grade, Division B)

This was the first and only year that daydreamer0023 did not compete as a part of her school's primary team. As a result, she was not able to compete in her Regional events at the State competition. All rankings provided for the Regional competition were among Junior Varsity teams only.

Regionals States
Crime Busters 2nd --
Duct Tape Challenge 4th --
It Matters! 2nd --
Stuck on Science -- 1st

*Note: Duct Tape Challenge and It Matters! replaced events from the National events list within North Carolina Regional and State competitions
**Note: Stuck on Science was a trial event for the North Carolina State competition only