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Gold This user has recieved a Gold medal in Event at Competition.

I've been in Science Olympiad for 2 years now and eally enjoy it =D, so far I have gotten:

2009 Regionals:

1st: Trajectory
2nd: Experimental Design
6th: Science Crime Busters
8th: Write Stuff
9th: Environmental Chemistry

2009 State (didn't do so well):

7th: Experimental Design
9th: Science Crime Busters
11th: Environmental Chemistry
14th: Trajectory (accidentally made a mistake)
15th: Write Stuff

2010 Regionals (did much better):

1st: Ecology
2nd: Ornithology
2nd: Anatomy
2nd: Experimental Design (again..)
3rd: Science Crime Busters (finally medaled)
5th: Trajectory (made a mistake again)