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JMSDudeincolorado attended Jenkins Middle School.

DHSDudeincolorado attends Doherty High School.


Hi my name's Jacky but I liked to be called Jack because my last name is Tran. Get it? Jacky Tran (my dad has a sense of humor)! I'm willing to help anyone so if you need help just ask! I'm from Colorado by the way in case you thought i was from Kansas or something. I've been involved with Science Olympiad since 6th grade (05-06) and been obsessed with it since then.






3rd Experimental Design

7th Compute This

9th Rocks and Minerals


7th Experimental Design

13th Compute This

13th Food Science



1st Rocks and Minerals

9th Food Science

10th Science Crimbusters


1st Rocks and Minerals

8th Science Crimebusters

10th Food Science

--07-08 (I like this year)


1st Science Word

2nd Crave the Wave

2nd Rocks and Minerals

5th Tower Building

6th Science Crimebusters (the event points didnt count at regionals beacuse they didn't meet the rules or somthing)


1st Rocks and Minerals (good to be back)

2nd Science Crimbusters

4th Science Word

9th Crave the Wave

13th Tower Building

--08-09 (first year in C!)


3rd Picture This

4th Fossils

9th Forensics

11th Dynamic Planet

15th Junkyard Challenge

17th Electric Vehicle