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Elim5397's Accomplishments
Number of years competing 1
Total medals 10
Invitational medals 4
Regional medals 3
State medals 3
National medals 0

Elim5397 is a current Division C competitor at Fairfax High School. He competed in Dynamic Planet, Optics and Remote Sensing in his sophomore year. His hobbies include: ranting about TJHSST, obsession with soccer, and failing life.


Sophomore 2018
Events VTech MIT UPenn Cornell Regionals States Nationals
Dynamic Planet 4th 16th 21st 2nd 4th 4th :(
Optics 5th 20th 6th 12th 5th 3rd :(
Remote Sensing No. 21st 12th 8th 5th 4th :(