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=About Me=
#REDIRECT [[User:EpicFailOlympian]]
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|+ style="font-size: larger;" |'''{{PAGENAME}}'s Accomplishments'''
|'''Number of years in Science Olympiad'''
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EpicFailOlympian is, unfortunately still a procrastinating and lazy bum. He is not an avid Science Olympiad competitor. He competes at West Jr. High school in Missouri, and has been in SO for 3 years. His past events include:
*Meteorology (Everyday Weather & Severe Storms & Climate)
*Dynamic Planet (Earthquakes & Volcanoes)
*Bottle Rocket
*Microbe Mission 
*Shock Value
*Anatomy (Muscular & Skeletal)
*Solar System
*Reach for the Stars
*Crime Busters
= Placements: =
{{medals|result=1|event= Meteorology|competition=Missouri Regional}}
{{medals|result=3|event= Dynamic Planet|competition=Missouri Regional}}
{{medals|result=5|event= Shock Value|competition=Missouri Regional}}
{{medals|result=3|event= Shock Value|competition=Missouri State}}
{{medals|result=5|event= Meteorology|competition=Missouri State}}
{{medals|result=19|event= Pentathlon|competition=Missouri State}}
{{medals|result=1|event= Meteorology|competition=Missouri Regional}}
{{medals|result=3|event= Microbe Mission|competition=Missouri Regional}}
{{medals|result=10|event= Bottle Rocket|competition=Missouri Regional}}
{{medals|result=1|event= Meteorology|competition=Missouri State}}
{{medals|result=10|event= Microbe Mission|competition=Missouri State}}
{{medals|result=2|event= Meteorology|competition=Missouri Regional}}
{{medals|result=4|event= Reach for the Stars|competition=Missouri Regional}}
{{medals|result=8|event= Crime Busters|competition=Missouri Regional}}
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