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=About Me=
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EpicFailOlympian is, unfortunately still a procrastinating and lazy bum. He is not an avid Science Olympiad competitor. He competes at West Jr. High school in Missouri, and  has competed in Smithton Middle School, also in Missouri. He has been in SO for 3 years.  in His past events include:
*Meteorology (Everyday Weather & Severe Storms & Climate)
*Dynamic Planet (Earthquakes & Volcanoes)
*Bottle Rocket
*Microbe Mission 
*Shock Value
*Anatomy (Muscular & Skeletal)
*Solar System
*Reach for the Stars
*Crime Busters
= Placements: =
==2010, 7th Grade==
{{medals|result=1|event= Meteorology|competition=Missouri Regional}}
{{medals|result=3|event= Dynamic Planet|competition=Missouri Regional}}
{{medals|result=5|event= Shock Value|competition=Missouri Regional}}
{{medals|result=3|event= Shock Value|competition=Missouri State}}
{{medals|result=5|event= Meteorology|competition=Missouri State}}
{{medals|result=19|event= Pentathlon|competition=Missouri State}}
==2011, 8th Grade==
{{medals|result=1|event= Meteorology|competition=Missouri Regional}}
{{medals|result=3|event= Microbe Mission|competition=Missouri Regional}}
{{medals|result=10|event= Bottle Rocket|competition=Missouri Regional}}
{{medals|result=1|event= Meteorology|competition=Missouri State}}
{{medals|result=10|event= Microbe Mission|competition=Missouri State}}
==2012, 9th Grade==
{{medals|result=2|event= Meteorology|competition=Missouri Regional}}
{{medals|result=4|event= Reach for the Stars|competition=Missouri Regional}}
{{medals|result=8|event= Crime Busters|competition=Missouri Regional}}
{{medals|result=5|event= Meteorology|competition=Missouri State}}
{{medals|result=5|event= Reach for the Stars|competition=Missouri State}}
{{medals|result=14|event= Crime Busters|competition=Missouri State}}
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