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Farmerjoe279 is currently a member of the 2018 Ladue Middle School Science Olympiad team. He has been a part of Ladue Science Olympiad since 2016, when he unfortunately was on the school's B team. Farmerjoe279 has made over 75 contributions to this wiki!

Status: Scioly and AoPS

Goals: Get some medals at 2018 Scioly Nats!!

Interests: Scioly and You be Da Chemist (Look it up). Also, I'm a huge PC fan and stay up to date on PC news. Definitely can't wait for Nvidia to release their new 20-series graphic cards!


In case you wanted to know it is April 8, 2020. Right now, it is 06:10.

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Farmerjoe279's Accomplishments
Number of years competing 3
Total medals/ribbons 13
Invitational medals/ribbons N/A
Regional medals/ribbons 10
State medals/ribbons 3
National medals/ribbons Unfortunately 0

Ladue.jpeg Farmerjoe279 attends Ladue Middle School.



Event Missouri Region 6 Finals (St. Louis Area)
Green Generation 2nd
Meteorology 2nd
Crave The Wave 2nd


Event Missouri Region 6 Finals (St. Louis Area) Missouri State Finals 2017 National Finals
Meteorology 2nd 3rd 22th
Anatomy and Physiology 1st DNP 9th
Mission Possible 2nd 3rd 15th
Rocks and Minerals 1st 1st 13th


Event Missouri Region 6 Finals (St. Louis Area) Missouri State Finals 2018 National Finals???
Anatomy and Physiology 1st
Meteorology 1st
Hovercraft 1st


Color Event Placings
= 1st
= 2nd
= 3rd
= 4th to 6th
= Did Not Participate (DNP)
= Other Placings