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Godspeed currently competes for Del Norte High School. Previously (2018-2020), Godspeed competed for Oak Valley Middle School.

Competition Results


As you can clearly see, this year went very badly for Godspeed.

Event Kraemer Invitational San Diego Regional
Road Scholar 42nd 26th
Mystery Architecture 52nd 31st
Meteorology 7th 28th
Team 13th 1st


Gliders became Godspeed's favorite event right when they came in. Though there was much frustration from the gliders breaking all of the time, he pursued the event. Roller Coaster was very rage-inducing, as there was a high chance that you could get tiered. We happened to get tiered at Ladera Vista and at Regionals, though the device managed to get 4th place at Kraemer invitational.

Event Ladera Vista Invitational Kraemer Invitational San Diego Regional
Road Scholar 13th 18th 16th
Mystery Architecture 21st 23rd 18th
Roller Coaster 27th 4th 31st
Elastic Launched Gliders 2nd 1st 2nd
Team 9th 2nd 1st


Best year so far, but did a lot of grinding to get there. Godspeed is proud of performing well in Ping Pong Parachute even though 2 of the 3 competitions he went to had bad launchers. Also, Oak Valley PPP sweeps were pretty cool this year.

Event Ladera Vista Invitational Carmel Valley Invitational San Diego Regional
Road Scholar 13th 4th 3rd
Machines 6th 11th 2nd
Ping Pong Parachute 1st 2nd 1st
Team 1st 1st 1st


Event BEARSO Invitational SO-Practice San Diego Regional Southern California
Digital Structures 11th ND 2nd ND
Machines 148th 8th 7th ND
Gravity Vehicle 54th 7th 8th 4th
Sounds Of Music N/A 19th 1st ND
Team 58th 1st 3rd ND