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==Division B==
==Division B==
{{medals|result=25|event=Bio-Process Lab|competition=2007 [[Solon Invitational]]|name=Gase456}}
{{medals|result=25|event=Bio-Process Lab|competition=2016 [[Solon Invitational]]|name=Gase456}}
{{medals|result=43|event=Food Science|competition=2016 [[Solon Invitational]]|name=Gase456}}
{{medals|result=48|event=Wind Power|competition=2016 [[Solon Invitational]]|name=Gase456}}
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<br clear="all"/>

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Gase456 (me) is a current sophomore at River Hill High School in Clarksville, Maryland. I graduated from Clarksville Middle School, a moderately successful Division B school in Maryland in 2017. This year, I'm looking forward to participating in Fermi Questions and Codebusters, although I might get stuck with Experimental Design and Write It Do It again. I've only ever participated in Inquiry Events during my Div C years, but I'm looking forward to taking an actual study event soon (next year?).


CMSGoingforthegold attended Clarksville Middle School.
RHHSGoingforthegold attended River Hill High School.

Division B

25th Gase456 has received a 25th place medal in Bio-Process Lab at 2016 Solon Invitational.
43th Gase456 has received a 43th place medal in Food Science at 2016 Solon Invitational.
48th Gase456 has received a 48th place medal in Wind Power at 2016 Solon Invitational.

2015-2016 (Div. B)

Solon Middle School:

(25th Place Bio-Process Lab)

(43rd Place Food Science)

(48th Place Wind Power)


1st Place Food Science

4th Place Bio-Process Lab


2nd Place Bio-Process Lab

3rd Place Food Science

2016-2017 (Div. B)


1st Place Write It Do It

5th Place Experimental Design

6th Place Fast Facts

Little Tiger Invitational:

1st Place Write It Do It

2nd Place Meteorology

(??th Place Experimental Design)


3rd Place Write It Do It

2nd Place Meteorology

(7th Place Fast Facts)

2017-2018 (Div C.)

Fairfax High School:

(15th Place Fermi Questions)

(43rd Place Write It Do It)

(53rd Place Experimental Design)

MC Barons:

4th Place Fermi Questions

(6th Place Write It Do It)

(16th Place Experimental Design)


5th Place Fermi Questions

5th Place Experimental Design

(15th Place Write It Do It)


2nd Place Density Lab

4th Place Codebusters