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Havocgamer49, is a young boy that lives somewhere in the state of North Carolina. This boy was (somehow) peer pressured into doing science olympiad in 6th grade, but ended up being the only one of his friends to make varsity team. Now this boy attempts to do science olympiad and not fail at Jay M. Robinson Middle School. This boy's team has gone from 7th at states in 2018 to 3rd at states in 2019 to hopefully 2nd at states this year and a chance to go to nationals.

Havocgamer49's Medals
Number of years competing 3
Total medals 29
Invitational medals 12
Regional medals 5
State medals 4
National medals None for the moment

2018 (6th Grade)

Unlike most people who do Science Olympiad in Middle School, I was not completely naive and unprepared for the load that would fall on my shoulders. I did Science Olympiad from 3rd to 5th grade, so this whole business was very familiar to me. I ended up being one of 5 6th graders to make Varsity Team, and asserted myself as a competent competitor on our team. My coach in Disease Detectives was astounding this year and was one of the main reasons I won 1st at regionals, along with my best friend, my cheat sheet.

Event Dodgen CPCC Regionals States
Disease Detectives (cancelled) 3rd 1st 6th
Rocks and Minerals (cancelled) ? 3rd 6th
Team (cancelled) 2nd 2nd 7th

2019 (7th Grade)

This year I was a "sophomore" Science Olympian and I once again earned a spot on the Varsity Team, I was promoted from 2 events to 3 events this year and I attempted to make the most of this opportunity. I was once again given Disease Detectives, and this year I was back with a more competent partner and a revamped, but similar, cheat sheet. My coach in Disease Detectives was different, however no less astounding, as he taught in the areas I struggled in the most. Duct Tape Challenge really caught me off guard as it was something I dreaded, A BUILD EVENT, but through prodding from my mother, I ended up competing in this event. It was strange and new, which I did not like, however it grew on me as we (me and my partner) stacked up medals. However, after a crushing defeat at States with a humiliating placement for MY event, I was done with this. This year's states went much better than last year's but for some reason, it was much more disappointing to get 3rd place than 7th, probably because we were one spot away from making nationals.

Event Dodgen O'Neal Piedmont Regionals States
Disease Detectives 8th 2nd 4th 1st 2nd
Fossils 9th 1st 3rd 2nd 4th
Duct Tape Challenge (NA) ^5th ? 2nd 18th
Solar System 3rd [] [] [] []
Team 10th 1st 1st 2nd 3rd

2020 (8th Grade)

Now this year I am a "Senior" at JMR and I was once again promoted, this time to 4 events. Now this year I once again opted for Disease Detectives and this year my partner is more competent than ever! Now remember when I said "I was done with this", well not exactly. With more prodding from my mother and my friend, I decided to compete in Mission Possible. Mission Possible has been interesting so far, it has been very fun, very stressful, very frustrating, very demoralizing, very fun, very fun, and very fun.

Alright RIP I guess that season was a failure. Kinda disappointed we probably would've made Nat's but still.

Event Dodgen Chattahoochee O'Neal Piedmont Regionals States Nationals??
Disease Detectives 1st ^8th ^1st 2nd 2nd - -
Fossils 5th 4th 2nd 1st 2nd - -
Reach for the Stars 8th 2nd 2nd 3rd 1st - -
Mission Possible 3rd 14th 3rd ^1st 3rd - -
Mystery Architecture N/A N/A 2nd N/A N/A N/A N/A
Team 3rd 4th 1st 1st 2nd - -


Bolded indicates that I got a medal for that event

? indicates that I do not remember

NA indicates that it was not held at that competition

- indicates that it has not happened yet

[] indicates that I did not participate in that event at that competition

^ indicates that I did not have my usual partner for that year

Favorite Events

Here are my favorite events ranked from most favorite to least

  1. Disease Detectives
  2. Fossils
  3. Reach for the Stars
  4. Rocks and Minerals
  5. Mission Possible
  6. Solar System
  7. Duct Tape Challenge :(