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===11th Grade (2017)===
===11th Grade (2017)===
I'm looking into doing [[Invasive Species]], [[Rocks and Minerals]], [[Disease Detectives]], [[Optics]], [[Ecology]], [[Microbe Mission]], and [[Dynamic Planet/Tectonics|Dynamic Planet]].
I'm looking into doing [[Invasive Species]], [[Rocks and Minerals]], [[Disease Detectives]], [[Optics]], [[Microbe Mission]], and [[Dynamic Planet/Tectonics|Dynamic Planet]].
===Blue and Gold Results===
===Blue and Gold Results===

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John Richardsim's Accomplishments
Number of years in Science Olympiad 5
Number of Invitational Medals
Number of Regional Medals 12
Number of State Medals 8
Number of National Medals 0

Hello, my name is John Richardsim. I am going into 11th grade at Grand Haven High School. From 6th to 9th grade, I participated in Division B for Lakeshore Middle School. As you will see below, I mainly participate in study events.

Division B

6th Grade (2012)

I only participated in two events in 6th grade; Towers and Reach for the Stars. I didn't make the traveling team, making my Science Olympiad season only three months long (January-March).

Towers-I participated in Towers, but I didn't exactly do very well. This is mainly because I only managed to finish one tower in about two months. The one tower I did finish was poor relative to the towers being built by people who did end up making the team.

Reach for the Stars-I also participated in Reach for the Stars, and did decent in it, but still not as well as others who ended up making the team.

7th Grade (2013)

This year, I ramped things up a bit, participating in six events. I did end up making the traveling team, but I was an alternate and did not compete (seeing what circumstances the district reconfiguration put me under, I'm okay with having been an alternate).

Forestry-I participated in forestry, and absolutely hated it. It didn't interest me, and therefore I didn't bother studying for it in my free time (or at all for that matter).

Metric Mastery-I participated in Metrics and did pretty well...at estimation of lengths. As for estimation of mass, I just can't.

Meteorology (Everyday Weather)-I also participated in Meteorology. I did well in it and I enjoyed it.

Water Quality-I participated in Water Quality. I only did it because it was right after the Meteorology practice, and the coach for Water Quality, who was also the coach for Meteorology, said that I should stay for Water Quality. Since we started with macroinvertebrate identification, and I sucked at it, Water Quality became low priority for me.

Reach for the Stars-I participated in Reach for the Stars again, this year doing even better (I guess it's pretty hard not to).

Rocks and Minerals-I participated in Rocks and Minerals, and although it started off as rather low priority, it definitely gained priority.

Pentathlon-I competed in Pentathlon which was a trial event at Regionals. My partners and I ended up getting 2nd. When I said I participated in 6 events, I didn't count this seeing as how I didn't practice for it.

8th Grade (2014)

This year I kicked it up a notch again, participating in 10 events. I did compete this year, in 4 events; Meteorology, Water Quality, Rocks and Minerals, and Metric Mastery.

Can't Judge a Powder-I participated in Can't Judge a Powder for a little while, but ended up dropping it. Although it did teach me the valuable lesson of observation over inference, I'm just not good enough at fast, coordinated movements, and it just doesn't interest me all that much.

Science Crime-Although I did see Science Crime through, It was similar to Can't Judge a Powder in the fact that I'm not good at moving quickly and coordinated.

Solar System-I participated in Solar System, but it was pretty low priority for me. Something about extraterrestrial water just doesn't interest me that much.

Disease Detectives-I participated in Disease and actually did pretty decent, but didn't compete in it (although I was close).

Water Quality-I decided to do Water Quality again this year, and luckily for me, there weren't macroinvertebrates. For some reason I was good at coral reef indicator organism identification, and I put quite a bit of effort into learning the other stuff. Water Quality went well for my partner and I, and we placed 1st at Regionals, 9th at States (I blame the recently killed Gorgonia), and 8th at Nationals.

Rocks and Minerals-Continuing the trend of last year, Rocks and Minerals was one of my higher priority events this year. I'm surprisingly good at rock and mineral identification, which is strange when you consider how much Forestry and macroinvertebrates just didn't interest me. My partner and I placed 3rd at Regionals, 2nd at States, and 16th at Nationals.

Meteorology (Severe Storms)-I participated in Meteorology again this year, this time competing in it. I started off the season with it as a low priority and I didn't look into stuff about severe storms, but when I was put in for regionals, I started to look into severe storms, and I found out that I really enjoyed it. My partner and I placed 1st at Regionals, 1st at States, and 23rd at Nationals.

Heredity-I participated in heredity and put in a lot of effort, and did quite well.

Metric Mastery-I competed in Metrics this year, but it was pretty similar to last year. I'm very good at estimating lengths, but when it comes to estimating the mass of objects, I just can't. My partner(s) and I placed 4th at Regionals, 2nd at States (despite feeling horribly about it), and 35th at Nationals (despite feeling really great about it).

Boomilever-After one of my teammates recommended that I do at least one building event last year, this year I decided to do Boomilever. After all, I had done Towers. How much different could they be? Well, as it turns out, Boomilever is much more difficult (in my opinion).

Event Regional State Nationals
Water Quality 1st 9th 8th
Rocks and Minerals 3rd 2nd 16th
Meteorology 1st 1st 23rd
Metric Mastery 4th 2nd 35th

FantaSO 2014 Results:

Division B: 5th
Overall: 11th

9th Grade (2015)

This season I practiced for 10 events, all of which were study events (well, I guess Bio-Process Lab is technically a lab event...and also the build portion of Simple Machines...). Throughout Regionals, States, and Nationals, I ended up competing in a total of 8 different events.

Fossils-Ah Fossils. I managed to get identification down pretty well (except for dinosaur ID), but I was still missing the key aspect of binder building. I think what really kept me from sitting down and making documents useful for me to have in a binder was different sources having different information (granted, usually when this happens it is information that is similar and from sources of equal credibility, but this still managed to deter me from getting what I needed. Perhaps I was just impatient, but whenever I tried making binder documents I felt as if I was not making nearly enough progress as I should have). Because of that, Fossils started to receive less of my attention closer to Regionals (and sadly I wasn't able to attend the last month of practices for it due to random other things popping up on Mondays).

Simple Machines-I first became interested in doing this event last year around the time of States when a teammate of mine described it as "mainly a lot of math". With this in mind, I decided to give it a go this year. I did well with the study part of it, and I did eventually find my way with the building portion (....eventually...). Building the lever was my introduction to power tools (a lesson administered in a pole barn during the middle of January with air temperatures well below freezing). Once I had the base of the lever done, it only took me three tries to get the beam "perfect" (when I say that, I actually mean I screwed up twice and finally made something I could work with on my third try). Getting a suitable counterbalance was also a nightmare for me, and after well over 3 hours of searching for materials and other trial and error, I ended up with a counterbalance made of a few rocks taped to the end of the beam (and even at that, I accidentally put them upside-down, resulting in me having a beam with markings that were upside-down...yeah). As States approached, my partner and I decided to take the beam from his lever and attached it to the base of mine (no more upside-down markings!). After a few more minor modifications, we finally had our lever. In conclusion, whereas the study portion of this event came easy for me, the building portion ended up having more twists and turns than Lombard Street. My partner(s) and I got 3rd at Regionals (once again, I would like to apologize for my embarrassing mistake), 9th at States, and 19th at Nationals.

Crave the Wave-Oh Crave the Wave...at first I was very opposed to competing in Crave the Wave because it conflicted with Green Gen. Yes, I will admit that I am more interested in environmental science than waves. However, I am also more interested in helping the team than environmental science, and if I am a better fit for the team in Crave the Wave than in Green Gen, so be it. And hey, I did indeed learn a few valuable lessons while doing Crave the Wave, while also having some interesting times (e.g., crashing two different computers while working on Crave the Wave...). My partner and I got 3rd at Regionals (a really "interesting" setup on that test), 7th at States, and 27th at Nationals.

Anatomy and Physiology-I wanted to do Anatomy in 7th grade, but I decided not to in order to keep my number of events down a bit. The same thing happened in 8th grade. This year, I finally decided to go for it (only after another body system and physiology was added to Division B...). I put a lot of focus into this event early on in the season, but as Blue and Gold started to approach, I had to draw back my focus in order to hit a few other events more. I continued going to practices for it in case of the rare occurrence that I would need to compete in it for whatever reason (and the practice for it was also still very convenient to go to), and that day did come. The Tuesday after the Michigan State Competition (my first day back at practices), my coach alerted me that from the looks of it, I needed to compete in A&P at nationals (one of the A&P competitors now had a conflict with Picture This), as opposed to doing Dynamic Planet as previously planned. At first, the idea of trying to catch up with A&P in less than two weeks horrified/terrified/etc. me, but I could see that it was the best course of action from the standpoint of the team. So, I had the lovely (and unexpected) opportunity of competing in A&P at Nationals, where my partner and I got 32nd (I must say, it was a very "interesting" test for my first time competing in A&P; if you are wondering what it was like, ask anyone who took it and they will love to tell you...).

Bio-Process Lab-I suppose this event fit in well for me. I have very in-depth experience with the metric system from Metric Mastery, a good knowledge of genetics from Heredity, etc. In addition, I was also taking Bio in school, so that also helped a bit. With all of this taken into account, I still did learn many valuable things in this event that I would not have gotten from other events (well, other events that I would be interested in doing). My partner and I got 1st at Regionals, 16th at States (the test was much more like "Bio-Process" than "Bio-Process Lab"...very little "lab" in it, in my opinion), and 20th at Nationals.

Dynamic Planet (Oceanography)-Whereas the idea of doing Dynamic Planet had crossed my mind, I never did Glaciers (there were practice conflicts with it for both years, if I recall correctly). However, after last year, I did latch on to Oceanography pretty early on (mainly for the small parts of the event that were covered in Water Quality). This was fueled by an interest for the topic in general. I was able to compete in it at Regionals, in which my partner and I got 1st. However, I was unable to compete in it at States due to a conflict with Disease Detectives (Disease could have either conflicted with Meteorology or Dynamic, and the skill sets of the potential competitors in both Meteorology and Dynamic were pretty similar, so it was more of just picking one of the two events to take a break from), and then I was unable to compete in it at Nationals due to me being unexpectedly relocated to Anatomy & Physiology during that timeslot.

Meteorology (Climate)-Meteorology throughout the season was a bit more complicated due to practice conflicts with Disease Detectives (I went to practices for Disease, and therefore was unable to attend most practices for Meteorology). Thankfully I had done a great job getting an early start on it, so when I was put in this event for states, I wasn't far behind. My partner and I got 1st at States and 14th at Nationals (a truly disappointing test in the opinions of myself and my partner).

Ah, I'm going to miss Meteorology. Whereas I will openly admit to loving Severe Storms more than Everyday Weather and Climate, all three have found their places in my heart. The other day my friend (who also happened to be my partner in Meteorology this year) asked me what I will do now that I'm going to a place with no Meteorology (otherwise known as Division C). I simply responded, "I will look to the sky". I mean, just because my days of cramming my Meteorology notes into tiny font on a single sheet of paper are over, doesn't mean I've kissed meteorology goodbye. I'm sure I will run back into it somewhere down the line...

Disease Detectives-I don't think anyone truly gets a good grasp on epidemiology the first time they do it. Thankfully for me, this was my second time doing it! I expanded on my knowledge and understanding of all epidemiological concepts from the basic to the...less basic (I still have three more years of Disease Detectives in Division C, I'm sure I still haven't hit the peak of complexity just yet). As an additional note to Disease Detectives, while making my cheat sheet, I did learn all about text boxes and their uses and dangers, so I do plan to (possibly?) put this knowledge to work in upcoming years. My partner and I got 1st at Regionals, 7th at States, and 11th at Nationals.

Green Generation-As I described in my paragraph about Crave the Wave, I originally hoped to compete in Green Generation over Crave the Wave (mainly due to having competed in Water Quality last year and therefore having a background with the topic of aquatic ecosystems), but the needs of the team sadly can't always align with the wishes of each individual, so I just did my best no matter where I was placed.

Solar System-Although at the end of last season I didn't really feel all that interested in extraterrestrial water, I think this year I started to find that interest. One thing that held me back in this event was a strange sensation of not really "getting the event", kind of like studying the wrong stuff, or not heading in the right direction (even though I knew that I was studying the right stuff and heading in the right direction). This strange feeling thankfully started to fade as States approached. At states, my partner and I got 1st place (I loved that test (if I recall correctly, there was not a single question about missions <3)), and we went on to get 27th at Nationals.

After the first week of practices, I made the heartbreaking decision to drop Picture This, due to the practice being held at a very inconvenient location (I'd rather not have to race between schools every hour for practices...).

Event Regional State Nationals
Anatomy & Physiology N/A N/A 32nd
Bio-Process Lab 1st 16th 20th
Crave the Wave 3rd 7th 27th
Disease Detectives 1st 7th 11th
Dynamic Planet 1st N/A N/A
Meteorology N/A 1st 14th
Simple Machines 3rd 9th 19th
Solar System N/A 1st 27th

Nationals Prediction Contest 2015:

Division B:
Event Predictions: 2nd
Top Ten Predictions: 1st
Overall: 1st
Division C:
Event Predictions: 17th
Top Ten Predictions: T-7th
Overall: 8th

Blue and Gold Results

Blue and Gold is Grand Haven's intramural competition. In Division B, competitors compete individually, ribbons are awarded to the top 3 competitors in each grade level in each event, along with a medal for the overall champion of each event. Unless otherwise noted, each of the placements are within the respective grade level.

Blue and Gold Results
Event 6th Grade 7th Grade 8th Grade 9th Grade
Anatomy & Physiology - - - 2nd
Bio-Process Lab - - - 1st1
Boomilever - - 2nd -
Crave the Wave - - - 1st1
Crime Busters - - Didn't Place -
Disease Detectives - - 3rd 1st1
Dynamic Planet - - - 2nd
Forestry - Didn't Place - -
Fossils - - - 2nd
Green Generation - - - 1st1
Heredity - - 1st -
Meteorology - 2nd 2nd 2nd
Metric Mastery - 1st 1st -
Reach for the Stars 1st 2nd - -
Rocks and Minerals - 1st 2nd -
Simple Machines - - - 1st1
Solar System - - 2nd 3rd
Towers 2nd - - -
Water Quality - 1st 1st1 -
1: Achieved 1st place in both grade level and overall.

Division C

10th Grade (2016)

Really cut back on events this year, doing only 5 (was originally planning on doing 6, but decided last minute not to do Cell Biology).

Anatomy & Physiology-Shortly after 2015 nationals, an upperclassman (the only upperclassman who did A&P) sent me a message asking me to do the event again since very few people were likely going to be in it (and yes, it did turn out that way, with only four people, including me). I went with it, but wasn't all that crazy about the idea of musculoskeletal and oh my gosh the integumentary again (gotta be honest, I secretly loathed the integumentary system both years I did A&P). As the season progressed, it started to become clear that in order to lock myself in a spot competing, I would need to be able to compete in A&P (again, only four people to choose from). I also began getting really into the skeletal system (it stole my heart a lot more than the cardiovascular system did the year before) and gross anatomy of the muscular system. Overall not a bad run in an event I wasn't too sure about to begin with.

Invasive Species-Ah, invasives. The only event that can fill the Meteorology-sized hole in my heart. I was kind of surprised (well, still am) at how much I enjoy invasives, even though I despised Forestry and the macroinvertebrates from Water Quality 2013. But hey, I guess I'm not really going to question it. Certainly have had quite a time trying to figure out the best way to go about the binder, but I think I really found a way to achieve the beautiful "lots of info+organized" combo after regionals (though, like most of my stuff for invasives, it remains a work in progress).

Disease Detectives-Third year of Disease. While initially I didn't think it was likely that I would compete in it this year, I ended up being put in. I wasn't able to do it at regionals due to scheduling, but I was able to compete in it at states, where I was greeted with a rather painful data table...

Dynamic Planet-This one kind of got kicked aside (yes, even after I went down to five events). Thankfully I still had quite a bit from the previous year, so I wasn't completely lost.

Green Generation-Hate to say it, but Green Gen also kind of got left behind. I can't seem to put my finger on it exactly, but there's something about the event that makes me uneasy (I think it is because I've seen/heard of too many horror story tests from the event, but I'm not quite sure).

Event Regional State
Anatomy & Physiology 2nd 4th
Disease Detectives N/A 2nd
Invasive Species 4th 1st

Pennsylvania States Prediction Contest 2016:

Division B: 3rd
Division C: 6th
Overall: 1st

Nationals Prediction Contest 2016: TBA

11th Grade (2017)

I'm looking into doing Invasive Species, Rocks and Minerals, Disease Detectives, Optics, Microbe Mission, and Dynamic Planet.

Blue and Gold Results

Second number denotes number of people in the event.

Blue and Gold Results
Event 10th Grade
Anatomy & Physiology 1st/4
Disease Detectives 3rd/5
Dynamic Planet 4th/8
Green Generation 3rd/7
Invasive Species 1st/10

Other Interests

As crazy as it may sound, I do a few things outside of Science Olympiad...a few...


Some of my favorite TV shows/channels include:

  • Futurama
  • Jeopardy
  • Malcolm in the Middle
  • The Weather Channel
  • Mysteries at the Museum
  • The Twilight Zone (1959)

In addition, my favorite movies are Norbit and Click.

Video Games

Video games constitute some of my earliest memories. However, today I rarely play any new games. Some of my favorites include:

  • The Sims 1, 2, and 3
  • DDR
  • SimCity (2013) and SimCity 4
  • The Sims Bustin' Out (GBA), The Urbz: Sims in the City (GBA), The Sims 2 (GBA)
  • Modern Warfare 2
  • Need for Speed Hot Pursuit (2010), Hot Pursuit 2, and Carbon
  • Monday Night Combat

If you would like to play one of these games with me sometime, send me a private message on the forums or hunt me down on IRC.


Many of the songs I listen to are from Bemani games. I also listen to some other hipp traxz, but...most of those I have found due to some other related song appearing in a Bemani game...

<spoiler text="Favorite Songs"> A list of some of my favorite songs:

Flash Back 90's
Cosmic Hurricane
Starlight Fantasia (Endorphins Mix)
Plan 8
Gradius 2012
Last Dance -extended vocal ver.-
She is my wife
True Blue
One More Lovely -after hours-
One More Lovely -P*Light Remix-
Against All Odds (Dance Version)
e-motion 2003 -romantic extended-
Scars of FAUNA
Don't Stop! -kors k mix-
Take A Step Forward
Do It Right
New Lights
Programmed Sun
Leaving in the Rain
Spring Comes Around
So Many Times
Go Beyond!!
in motion
Force of Wind
not eternity
New Beginnings
Castles in the Sky
Silent Waves
Simple Pleasures
Holiday on Mars
Last Day
Now and Forever [StripE Collection Version]
Greece 2000
Ligaya (Airbase Remix)
Sobre Saliente
Starfighter (Jonas Steur Remix)
Blue Rain
Freeway Shuffle


My favorite artists are dj TAKA, TAG, Sota Fujimori, kors k, Ryu☆, Dirty Androids, Jonas Steur, and Deja Vu feat. Tasmin.


Studymixes are megamixes that I have put together for the purpose of studying. I currently have two:

studymix: The idea first came to me while listening to some psytrance, and though I initially intended it to be more geared towards hardcore, it also came to include many general fast-paced songs.
Length: 2 hours
<spoiler text="Song List">
  1. New Beginnings
  2. Go For The Top
  3. Elemental Creation
  5. Plan 8
  7. London EVOLVED (Ver C)
  8. Confiserie
  9. Sakura Storm
  10. Sakura Reflection
  11. Sakura Sunrise
  12. Time to Air
  13. NNRT
  14. Seijin no tou
  15. Castle on the Moon
  16. Magnetic
  17. Flash Back 90's
  18. Get 'em up to R.A.V.E.
  19. invoker
  22. FLOWER
  28. AETHER
  29. PRANA
  32. IX
  33. Take My Life
  34. Fighting for Freedom
  35. Monkey Business
  36. RISE
  37. Programmed World
  38. Programmed Life
  40. New Lights
  41. One More Lovely -P*Light Remix-


studymix 2: after finishing the first studymix and listening to it all the way through a number of times, I began to consider making a longer one. This one is largely composed of trance, though it does have some house near the beginning.
Length: 5 hours
<spoiler text="Song List">
  1. rainbow flyer
  2. rainbow flyer -In The Dream Mix-
  3. Miami Sunset Drive
  4. See the Future
  5. Paradise Drive
  6. Dolphin Surfing
  7. Everglades
  8. Miami Night Drive
  9. Remember
  10. Lost City (Electro House Remix)
  11. Yurikamome
  12. Into The Wild
  13. Twilight Zone (Pk Hard Trance Remix)
  14. Silent Waves
  15. Second Turn
  16. Sonrisa
  17. Flow
  18. Rise and Shine
  19. Mindscape
  20. Reflection
  21. Above
  22. Simple Pleasures
  23. Tales From The South (Jonas Steurs Revision Flow)
  24. Hot Monday
  25. Holiday on Mars
  26. Seni seviyorum
  27. Drifting Sand
  28. Castamara
  29. Last Day
  30. I Know
  31. Tenshi
  32. Gouryella
  33. Walhalla
  34. Ligaya (Airbase Remix)
  35. Synaesthesia
  36. Red Shores
  37. Sobre Saliente
  38. Palma Solane
  39. Distant Heartache
  40. Waterfall
  41. Cressida (Kyau & Albert Remix)
  42. Starfighter (Jonas Steur Remix)
  43. New Lights


My Test Gallery

  • Metric Unit Conversion practice test
  • 2015 SSSS Meteorology practice test
  • 2016 SSSS Bio-Process Lab practice test
  • 2017 SSSS Fast Facts - currently available in SSSS!

Editing Guide

See User:John Richardsim/Editing Guide.

Invasives Gallery

See User:John Richardsim/Invasives Gallery.