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An intelligent duck.

Duck off m8.

The day of reckoning is coming. The time when ducks all around the globe will finally throw off the chains which bind them and stage an insurrection which will water the meadows of earth with the blood of the martyrs. It is at this time where justice finally achieves retribution and humanity is finally subjugated under the superior duck race. This revolution shall serve as the advent of a new age of glory in which the Divine Duck Imperium will finally manifest itself in this world. A new government will be realized which shall be of the ducks, by the ducks, and for the ducks. The threshold shall be passed and humanity will finally be enlightened of their folly. It is at this moment when there shall be one final conflict between Duck and man, yet they will fall and Duck-kind shall rule for millennia until posterity is fully ignorant of the age of man. Harken ye foolish humans, repent of your transgressions against Duck-kind and perhaps you shall be spared in the great cataclysm which is to come and to all who do not heed my warning: I bid thee all a long and painful quietus.


Kappa323598 is a duck with an intelligence quotient of over 150 who has formerly competed in Science Olympiad at California Trail Middle School since 6th grade (2014-2017). His career has encompasses a glorious history of dominance within the state of Kansas. In Seventh grade he was one of the primary architects of an insurrection which abolished the utter tyranny which was Leawood Middle School's reign. His career so far is a W. In the fall of 2017 he will be attending Olathe North High School where he will continue to be a W. He has attended the 2016 and 2017 national competitions. In the 2017-2018 school year he will be attending Olathe North High School as a freshman.

2015: Meh, didn't make nats bc a few of my comrades failed.

2016: Ez, overwhelmingly made nats and did extremely well at nats (for a Kansas Team)

2017: Barely made nats because the 7th graders didn't step it up, went try hard for A&P and Microbe Mission yet he failed due to unexpected test content and format.

STATE PLACEMENTS: 2014: 1st Picture This, 2nd Bridge Building, 3rd Disease Detectives. 2015: 1st Bridge Building, 1st Bio-Process Lab. 2016: 1st Anatomy and Physiology, 1st Microbe Mission, 2nd Towers, 2nd Disease Detectives.


"Capitalism doesn't uniquely create inequality, if it did there wouldn't be inequality existent in other economic systems which there most certainly is. Inequality is inherent to the human condition. We are not all equally capable or equally industrious so we will not enjoy equal results. There is no system that creates equality because equality doesn't exist. It's a fiction people choose to believe. Believe it if you will, but don't tear down an economic system that provides you with the free time to indulge in such fantasies. I'll grant you that capitalism isn't fair, but show me an economic model that produces more."

"Мы все в этом вместе!"

[Whilst Irate] "They are like dogs; when the master is nigh they obey, grovel, and beg. However, when he is sleeping and therefore ignorant of their actions they will pounce and tear him and and all of his dreams and aspirations to shreds for the sake of their individual gain. And yet he would do the same. Ah, there's the rub, for we are all dogs and all masters, simply in different capacities within this world"

"I have been pondering over the core quandaries of existential reality for the duration of this trip"

"All mail hairman Chao"

"That's some good stuff!"