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Kappa323598 is a 10th grader currently competing for Olathe North High School. He has been competing in Sci-O for 5 years and previously was part of the California Trail MS Science Olympiad Team.

Career Highlights:

-2015 State Medals: Bridge Building 2nd, Disease Detectives 3rd, Picture This 1st

-2016 State Medals: Bio Process Lab 1st, Bridge Building 1st, Disease Detectives 6th

-2016 Nationals Berth:(top place was 15th in Bridge Building)

-2017 State Medals: 1st Anatomy, 2nd Disease Detectives, 1st Microbe Mission, 2nd Towers

-2017 Nationals Berth (top place was 16th in Microbe Mission)

-2018 State Medals: Anatomy 2nd, Towers 2nd, WIDI 2nd

-2019 MIT Medals: Boomilever 3rd, Protein Modelling 4th