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Hi there. I'm Red.

Well, in reality, my name isn't Red, but I'd like you to call me that.


I'm a junior high homeschooler in Maryland. I play the cello, knit, and program computers in my spare time. I also like to run cross-country. I love contributing and editing wikis like this one.

Science Olympiad History


Red participates as a 6th grader in Division B for her first time with Pilgrimage Homeschool from Maryland. Events are:

  1. Mission Possible
  2. Write It/Do It
  3. Food Science

At Regionals, Write It/Do It won 1st, Food Science won 2nd, and Mission Possible placed 7th. The team placed 1st overall.

At States, Write It/Do It won 1st, Food Science placed 3rd, and Mission Possible got 2nd. The team placed 1st overall.

Now we're going to Nationals!