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Lavarball is a senior at Cumberland Valley High School and a proud alumni of Eagle View Middle School. The 2020 Season will be his 7th and final year of competing in Pennsylvania, and has been an integral part of his team's drastic improvement throughout his Science Olympiad career. He is the most op builder SciOly has every seen¹ and loves to work on builds all day every day. Does not sleep at night in the summer because he picked up Boomilever (vehicle events are particularly his favorite).

¹ as cited by sciolyperson1, Lumosityfan, Pettywap, zsg11, l0lit, and others


A short list of Lavarball's best events per year.

2015 - Air Trajectory

2016 - Scrambler, Air Trajectory, Experimental Design, Bottle Rocket, Pentathalon

2017 - Scrambler, Experimental Design, Wright Stuff

2018 - Mousetrap Vehicle, Experimental Design, Mission Possible

2019 - Wright Stuff, Experimental Design, Mousetrap Vehicle, Mission Possible


Event BAVF Barons Regionals States !
Experimental Design 2nd - - 1st 3rd
Mousetrap Vehicle 18th 2nd 4th 4th
Mission Possible 7th 9th 2nd 1st 10th
Wright Stuff 1st - - - -


Lavarball is extremely salty that he got unfairly tiered at the 2017 Little Tiger Invitational in Scrambler because he should have beaten sciolyperson1.


" 🤩🤩🤩" - Amber from not 7 lakes