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Loverespectpeace is in his third year competing for the Strath Haven Middle School team in Wallingford, Pennsylvania. He has not competed in many different events, but has been a relatively successful member of the team.


Loverespectpeace began the year in Science Olympiad, taking up the events Wheeled Vehicle and Science Crime Busters. After famously spilling the Iodine, he did not last much longer and quit by January.


Determined to join and remain in Science Olympiad, Loverespectpeace not only picked up more events, but worked on them as well. His work in Ecology, Meteorology, and Scrambler paid off, and he competed at both States and Regionals. As a first year competitor, he was not a phenomenon, but merely a contributor.

Regionals Results 2008
Event Place
Ecology 7th
Meteorology 6th
Scrambler 1st
Team Score 145
Team Place 3rd
States Results 2008
Event Place
Ecology 8th
Meteorology 7th
Scrambler 5th
Team Score 210†
Team Place 5th†

†In 2008, SHMS tied in score with Stroudsburg Junior High School, but lost in the tiebreaker (Number of 1st place medals (0-2)). States:


Loverespectpeace's breakout year started quietly, but he slowly gathered events and eventually set off a fantastic year. He remained with his two core events of Ecology and Meteorology, but took on new partners in each. Gyourkoshaven and Denmarksoccer, respectively. He also took on another major event in Experimental Design and the "Dream Team" came together with haven chuck, Eyeball138, and he. Also, after a crushing mistake by a teammate at States the year before, he vaguely did and competed in Trajectory. Finally, at States only, he was a participant in the Pentathlon team. Regionals was quiet for him with a pair of medals in Ecology and Meteorology, but States is where he left his mark with a whopping four medals out the four events he actually did work for (if you count Pentathlon as work).

Regionals Results 2009
Event Place
Ecology 3rd
Meteorology 2nd
Experimental Design 6th
Trajectory 7th
Team Score 126
Team Place 2nd
States Results 2009
Event Place
Ecology 1st
Experimental Design 1st
Meteorology 2nd
Pentathlon 5th
Trajectory 15th
Team Score 204
Team Place 4th


The year of hopes and dreams began, and it is on its way to ending. Loverespectpeace maintained his previous events of the year before's States. In addition, he tried Solar System, but failed miserably before Regionals, slacked and left the event. He had an amazing Regionals with three firsts and dominated the competition. Unfortunately, the "Dream Team" had been broken up, and due to conflicts, he could not participate in Experimental Design. He is looking to come back to States with a vengeance and has an as of now unbearable hunger for Nationals. He returns with the same 5 events as the year before, but has this time put in hours of work on Trajectory. Here we go:

Regionals Results 2009
Event Place
Ecology 1st
Meteorology 1st
Pentathlon 1st
Trajectory 8th
Team Score 92
Team Place 1st
States Results 2010
Event Place
Ecology 7th
Experimental Design 3rd
Meteorology 5th
Pentathlon 4th
Trajectory 12th
Team Score 165
Team Place 2nd

Favorite and Least Favorite Events

Loverespectpeace's Favorite Event is by far Ecology, and he has had quite a bit of success. Over his three years competing, he has had three separate partners and yet still dominates sorta.

His least favorite event, he says is Trajectory as notes by the line "I hate this event." However, in reality he loves all his events and always has. And that is due to the fact that he never ever, ever, ever, forgets to love life.