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Hello! I am a loyal member of the John P. Stevens Science Olympiad Team. I have been a member of the team for 4 years.

Overview of Accomplishments

Lumosityfan Accomplishments
Number of years in Science Olympiad 4
Number of Invitational Medals
Number of Regional Medals 3
Number of State Medals 5
Number of National Medals 0

History of Accomplishments

9th Grade

In 9th grade, I was one of only 2 freshman to make the Alpha team (as our school calls our first team; the second team is called Beta) and one of only 4 freshman to make the States team, which is pretty amazing considering the lack of freshman the last two years.

I participated in Astronomy and Forestry. Actually, I kind of stumbled into Science Olympiad because I had never even thought of doing Science Olympiad until JP Day, when my future biology teacher and the club sponsored a "Science Jeopardy", which is where I heard of the club.

The first year was definitely a learning experience, but overall I felt satisfied with my effort. In addition, my team did extremely well, cracking the top 5 for the first time in school history with 4th.


  • Union County Regionals:
    • Astronomy: 19th
    • Forestry: 10th
  • New Jersey States:
    • Astronomy: 8th
    • Forestry: 16th

10th grade

In 10th grade, I started to get into the groove of things: however, things hit a rough patch when the results for my state event came out. In addition, my school, John P. Stevens High School, didn't do as well as I would have liked, finishing 7th in both Regionals AND States.


  • Union County Regionals:
    • Astronomy: 6th
    • Forestry: 11th
    • Fermi Questions: 14th
  • New Jersey States:
    • Astronomy: 15th

11th grade

11th grade was a huge success. I FINALLY got my medal in an event that was not Astronomy and got into the top 5 at States in both events. In addition, my school got back into the top 5 at States and top 3 (essentially top 2 due to the two team per school phenomenom) at Regionals.


  • Union County Regionals:
    • Astronomy: 5th
  • New Jersey States:
    • Astronomy: 4th
    • GeoLogic Mapping: 5th
    • Entomology (a last minute thing): 11th

12th Grade"

Surprisingly, at the UCC Regionals, I had my breakthrough with my getting a silver medal. In addition, our team made it to 3rd place and advanced to states. At states, I was somewhat disappointed but not really (if that's really possible to occur) with my results, and moreover out team achieved our best results - 3rd at states!


  • Union County Regionals:
    • Astronomy: 2nd
  • New Jersey States:
    • Astronomy: 6th
    • It's About Time: 5th
    • GeoLogic Mapping: 9th