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Moses Lake High School Logo

Name: Macgyver

School: Moses Lake High School

Region/State: Eastern Washington

Role: Co-Captain (2018-19)

2016-17: Chemistry Lab Write It Do It WIFI Lab (Radio Lab) Game On
2017-18: Mousetrap Vehicle Hovercraft Thermodynamics
2018-19: Thermodynamics Mousetrap Vehicle Wright Stuff

Medals: Chemistry Lab (2016-17, 4th), Thermodynamics (2017-18, 2nd), Mousetrap Vehicle (2018-19, 3rd)

Experience: 3 years

Interests: Science Fiction, Legos, Building, Physics, Video Games, CAD

Career Goals: Engineer

Favorite Quote: "Do or Do Not, There is no try."

Biography: My life is still in the process of living and doing things so hold on while I think of things you should know about me.

WAMacgyver competes or competed in Washington.
MLHSMacgyver attends Moses Lake High School.