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General Info
Division B
State Nevada
School Hyde Park Middle School

Malikaow1004 is a generally quiet kid attending Hyde Park Middle School as a 8th grader in the 2018-19 year school year. Mali's favorite events is Meteorology and Wright Stuff. Malikaow1004 plays the piano and when she has free time (which is rare) will watch anime or play Nintendo games. She's kind of a bookworm, usually during summer only though.

Division B Rankings
Year Team School Rank Crime Busters Elastic Launched Gliders Food Science Hovercraft Meteorology Roller Coaster Rotor Egg Drop Wright Stuff
2016-17 State/Nats B/Trial 1/41 N/A N/A 4or2/N N/A 2/N N/36 N/30 4/N
2017-18 State/Nats A/Nats 1/31 2/50 N/A N/A 1/42 1/30 N/A N/A N/A
2018-19 State A tbd tbd tbd N/A N/A tbd N/A N/A N/A