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I have no idea how to use this so I’ll try my best without any of that fancy stuff everyone else has. (Note:I will not include 2017-2018 invitational scores, as I forgot them)

about me

My name is Kevin, commonly called either yaboidev or pastaman202 on various online sites or games. The name “Yaboidev” originates after I watched an episode of salty phish on YouTube, my favorite YouTuber, and my friends name which is Dev. Pastaman202 on the other hand I completely forget how I came up with that. I used to go to Daniel Wright Middle school and will soon go to Stevenson High school. So far I have completed 2 years of SO and will plan on continuing it in high school.

2017-2018: seventh grade

This was actually the first year I made the team. As back then I was kinda really dumb, many people in my school were really mad that I made it in, so I essentially gave up on SO from the start. As I did so poorly in my first invitational, being the only person on both our a and b team to not medal once, and my failure in team trials, the coaches never took notice of me. However, I am very competitive and started grinding out SO and found my main events. I started out with Crime busters (Analysis is the best part), potions and poisons, hovercraft, herpetology, and Wright stuff (the worst event). Hovercraft was by far the best event, with me beating our a team overall even though we had a trash run, and them having a perfect run. From then on, I got relatively good, focusing on mostly potions and poisons and hovercraft, with herpetology and Wright stuff on the side (I had to drop crime busters because it conflicted with herpetology). By out third and fourth invite, I was consistently doing better than the a team. However, since our coaches that year didn’t really care about any of us seventh graders, I was only on the a team once. By regionals, I still wasn’t on the a team and was eventually forced to do IL trial events (circuit lab and density lab) at state. All in all, I learned to love SO and potions and circuit while also hating Wright stuff with a burning passion

Placements (regionals for all and states for circuit and density)


Wright stuff:?






2018-2019 eighth grade

This year was by far my best year, and will probably continue as my best year. This year, after tryout tests, for some reason, I got really good. I continued potions and poisons, circuit lab, density lab, and herpetology, while also picking up elastic launched gliders and dynamic planet. In Daniel Wright, we normally have parent volunteer coaches for all the events, but the coach for potions was out of town so my partner and I had to sub in for the coach and because of that we got really good at potions really fast. My circuit lab and density skills got refined, with me being the best in both events, and herpetology I got the best in because Everyone else sucked and I watched a lot of nature documentaries. As for Gliders, I was the best flier of the team and second best builder. Finally, in DP, we had a god tier coach who I claim is the only reason why my partner and I did well at nats. Unfortunately, being either best or second best in 6 events didn’t bid well for the coaches of our team, and density lab unfortunately was an event that I never once competed in except as an audit (which I got first in as a solo btw). By state I quit that event, as the coach never put me in. All in all, potions and circuit were the best event, herps was the most fun to meme, Elg is the devil (I guess flying events aren’t my thing), and dp I don’t even know what happened or how I beat Tim. Also I became team captain for the DW2019 team. We didn’t do so hot at nats tho.

Placings (Boyceville/centerville/badger/regional/state/nationals)








post DWJHS reflection

It really is a miracle that I found SO and came to love it. I started out hating it and myself for being so bad, but after 2 years of grinding I became the best in the Dw team of 2019. I found many friends I wouldn’t have even known if it weren’t for SO, and found happiness during the competitions. Also I hope that in high school I won’t have to carry anymore and can take it breezy with for the first time ever not four events. Also I hope I won’t have to take 4 practice tests a day Jesus that was painful.

random opinions

Monk is the best tv show to ever live

Remember the Titans is my favorite movie ever made

Greycen lives a few houses away from me so I think his godness is transferring to me

I realized all my main event partners were girls (does that mean I’m an official chad)

I watch a lot of YouTube and my recommends filled with random stuff now


X: I didn’t compete in the event

?: I forgot what I got

Asterisk: I audited the event so it didn’t count for the final score

2 asterisks:after we found a scoring error, it turns out we should’ve gotten first

tournament review, but with fun anecdotes

2018 boyceville

Crime busters: why do no metals float in water

Potions and poisons: I think a plant is more dangerous than a newt

2018 centerville

Herpetology: official binder carrier of Greycen

Potions and Posions: forgot to do half of the lab

2018 regionals

Hovercraft: why are there no tables here

Potions: why has the other team not done the lab yet

Herpetology: quick! Check the bromothymol blue sheet

2019 boyceville

Circuit lab: what the freak is a logic gate

Potions: at least we did better than the team next to us

ELG: stop hitting the walls

Dynamic planet: how do u not know what a scantron is

2019 centerville



Years in SO:2

Medals made: 38

Best year:2018-2019

School: formerly DW, soon Stevenson

Age: 14

events ranked (fun and skill combined)








8.Wirght stuff (ew)