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About Me
BocaHighBR.jpg This user attends Boca Raton Community High School.
FL This user competes or competed in Southeast Florida.
2018-2019 Events 2019-2020 Events
CB This user has competed in Code Busters
DB This user is competing in Detector Building
TD This user has competed in Thermodynamics
OR This user is competing in Ornithology
FQ This user has competed in Fermi Questions
DB Trial Event at Nationals
This user has competed in Detector Building
WTF Trial Event at MIT
This user has competed in What the Function
✎ This user is on the dpef hsjoe!
SciolyForums2017.PNG This user checks the Scioly Forums daily!
EST It is approximately 5:44:05 AM where this user lives.
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🍔 Dis usah can has cheezburger?
:-] This user is happy.
Event UGA MIT Princeton UPenn Regionals States Nationals
10th Grade, Team 2
Code Busters 32nd 35th 5th 8th
Fermi Questions 32nd 19th 3rd 3rd
Thermodynamics 19th 12th 3rd 5th
Detector Building 24th
11th Grade, Team 1
Detector Building 12th
Ornithology 3rd
Code Busters
Competition Role Date
Northview Invitational Fermi Questions Test Co-writer 12/8/18
OSS Invitational Detector Building Test Co-writer 11/23/19
OSS Invitational Ornithology Test Co-writer 11/23/19