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Hello! I'm pepperonipi, and this is my page on the wiki, aside from all 11,359 pages.
About Me
BocaHighBR.jpg pepperonipi attends Boca Raton Community High School.
FL pepperonipi competes or competed in Southeast Florida.
2018-2019 Events 2019-2020 Events
CB pepperonipi has competed in Code Busters
CB pepperonipi would like to compete in Code Busters
TD pepperonipi has competed in Thermodynamics
OR pepperonipi would like to compete in Ornithology
FQ pepperonipi has competed in Fermi Questions
...and who knows what else?
Nationals Trial Events
DB pepperonipi is competing in Detector Building
🕐 pepperonipi is on the Code Grind!
SciolyForums2017.PNG pepperonipi checks the Scioly Forums daily!

Wiki Contributions

Editing Projects