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Number Name Status Description Completion Goal
1 Project BRCHS Completed Updating the Boca Raton Community High School page with various info X
2 Project Regionals Paused Adding information to the regional pages in various states X
3 Project Tournament of States Ongoing Adding "Tournaments of X" Navboxes, updating the info on various tournament pages, and updating tournament info on state pages
4 Project User Warnings Considering Adding various user warnings (from Wikipedia) to the wiki
5 Project Wiki Fundamentals Considering Creating a better wiki "infrastructure" (such as a separate namespace for articles, user rank pages, project pages, help pages, and things-to-do pages)

What's the point of keeping track of projects like this?

This setup isn't needed! It's simply that I thought that I was not keeping track of the projects I was getting involved in and I wanted a concrete way of listing all projects I was in, and their statuses. Also, I hope that this transparent setup may help potentially interest new editors.