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(Prelim. Tournaments of Arizona NB)
(Testing Template:About)
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* [[DuPont Team Enterprise Award]]: [[Ladue Middle School]] (B) & [[West Windsor Plainsboro High School South]] (C)
* [[DuPont Team Enterprise Award]]: [[Ladue Middle School]] (B) & [[West Windsor Plainsboro High School South]] (C)
== [[Template:About]] Testing ==
{{About|dogs on the Internet|[[User:EastStroudsburg13]]|User:Bernard|section=yes}}
== [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Manual_of_Style/Accessibility#Horizontal_lists HList] Testing ==
== [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Manual_of_Style/Accessibility#Horizontal_lists HList] Testing ==

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Userbox Title Code Preview
Anatomy & Physiology {{box|info-background=#fff|logo-background=#ff9484|info-text=User is competing in [[Anatomy & Physiology]]|logo=AP}}
AP User is competing in Anatomy & Physiology
Astronomy {{box|info-background=#fff|logo-background=#000000|info-text=User is competing in [[Astronomy]]|logo-color=#fff|logo=AS}}
AS User is competing in Astronomy
Boomilever {{box|info-background=#fff|logo-background=#d2a679|info-text=User is competing in [[Boomilever]]|logo=BL}}
BL User is competing in Boomilever
Chemistry Lab {{box|info-background=#fff|logo-background=#dab3ff|info-text=User is competing in [[Chemistry Lab]]|logo=CL}}
CL User is competing in Chemistry Lab
Circuit Lab {{box|info-background=#fff|logo-background=#009933|info-text=User is competing in [[Circuit Lab]]|logo-color=#fff|logo=CL}}
CL User is competing in Circuit Lab
Code Busters {{box|info-background=#fff|logo-background=#afaaaa|info-text=User is competing in [[Code Busters]]|logo=CB}}
CB User is competing in Code Busters
Designer Genes {{box|info-background=#fff|logo-background=#99ffff|info-text=User is competing in [[Designer Genes]]|logo=DG}}
DG User is competing in Designer Genes
Disease Detectives {{box|info-background=#fff|logo-background=#ffccff|info-text=User is competing in [[Disease Detectives]]|logo=DD}}
DD User is competing in Disease Detectives