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General Wiki ·Construction Template

Current Wiki Things

Articles for Deletion

1. Template: PA Regions
2. Template: PA States Results
3. Template: Georgia State Results

Tournaments of Navbox Progress

Created (1/50)

Complete (5/50)

Things to Do

1. Finish Template:About
2. Add other hatnote templates
3. Alphabetize all Tournaments of templates
4. Make CTHS Invitational page and add Tournaments of Alaska NB to it
5. Finish Template:Main (make sure l1, l2, etc. work, and add section symbol for links to sections of pages)
6. Check to make sure Mission possible machines page gets deleted
7. Get started on Uw templates.
8. Update documentation for Template:Uw-advert1.

User Watch

1. User:Jaydent8403 (talk) (L2 UC Edits/Vandalism)