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Roller Coaster - 6
Roller Coaster - 6
The Kraemer Scrimmage was RyanNavilius' first ever official competition. It amounted to a huge amount of pressure, as the Kraemer Scrimmage would be the ultimate factor in deciding the initial competition team. His first event was experimental design, which he had just recently joined and had little to no experience in. Being forced to rely on a quick lecture from a former JTMS Scioly member, he tried his best to succeed in the event. His next event was thermodynamics, which was considered the most competitive event in Jeffrey Trail, as 8 team members competed in thermodynamics, all being very well-prepared. His box ended up having a decent heat score, but a terrible prediction score, but his test score was enough to pull him to 3rd. His last event was fossils, which he had worked extremely hard on despite its low competitiveness compared to his other events. The fossils exam was considered very easy and he barely managed to get ahold of 3rd. Unfortunately, the roller coaster that he worked on with a partner did not go as well as planned, as the gaps did not function on the day of the competition. His performance was enough to carry him onto the competition team.
==Ladera Vista Invitational==
==Ladera Vista Invitational==

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User RyanNavilius is a former member of the Jeffrey Trail MS Competition Team that is currently a sophomore on the Portola High School Science Olympiad Competition Team.

Personal Life

Follow his instagram and tiktok @ryyanoh.


User RyanNavilius competes in the Invitationals and official competitions that Portola High School attends. The following is a raw list and debrief of each competition.

8th Grade

Kraemer Scrimmage

Fossils - 3

Thermodynamics - 3

Experimental Design - 5

Roller Coaster - 6

Ladera Vista Invitational

Fossils - 2

Thermodynamics - 8

Experimental Design - 7

The Ladera Vista Invitational was RyanNavilius' first-ever Sci-Oly invitational. He received a large amount of pressure for fossils, as he would be carrying a filler for the event, as the other competitors in fossils did not make the competition team. His first event was fossils and he was very stressed out about it, as he wasn't very confident that his binder was easy to flip through. The test was easy enough (and without stations) so he managed okay. His next event was experimental design, which consisted of an experienced member (who got us tiered) and two new members (me and a sevi) who did pretty okay. During thermodynamics, RyanNavilius and his partner somehow managed a "0" in prediction score, but their test score was enough to prevent them from getting 40th :)

Carmel Valley Invitational

Fossils - 7

Thermodynamics - 3

Experimental Design - 12

The Carmel Valley Invitational was RyanNavilius' 2nd Sci-Oly invitational ever. After a frustrating debut (especially with the 7th's) in Ladera, he wanted to have a solid tournament in Carmel. His first event was experimental design, where the proctors threatened to tier them due to goggling and were very strict on the issues. He then transitioned into fossils, where the test was sneakily difficult, and they guessed too many multiple choice answers. His last event was thermodynamics, where he and his partner improved their prediction score to something mediocre, but their test result was far from the dominating performance that they would usually have. During the award ceremony, the JT students realized that they were not placing very well and that only Carmel and Pacific Trails teams were placing very high, so they had to try to forget the Invitational and keep on studying.

Mesa Robles Invitational

Fossils - 4

Thermodynamics - 1

Experimental Design - 3

Mystery Architecture - 27

The Mesa Robles Invitational was RyanNavilius' breakout invitational as he finally placed very well in all of his events. His first event was fossils, and even though they messed up and switched the answers for Stations 7 and 8, they still managed 4th. His next event was experimental design, where the proctors graded very reasonably, and except when they forgot to read the scenario in the beginning, the event went fairly well. He then moved to thermodynamics, where they did very well on a difficult test and managed to get 1st despite their poor prediction score. He did mystery as a filler and was forced to go with a conservative design so they would not get disqualified. He was very anxious during the award ceremony since he believed that he did sub-par in the majority of his events, but was met with a pleasant surprise after his events were called up.

Kraemer Invitational

Fossils - 18

Thermodynamics - 2

Experimental Design - 17

Kraemer was RyanNavilius' worst tournament as he got overconfident by his success in Mesa Robles. Thermodynamics ended up going very routinely as the team continued to dominate the test score while improving their prediction.

OC Regional

Fossils - 1

Thermodynamics - 1

Experimental Design - 3

Southern California State

Fossils - 9

Thermodynamics - 7

Experimental Design - 12

Uh...yeah this never happened...

9th Grade