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User RyanNavilius is an eighth-grader from Jeffrey Trail Middle School that currently is a member of the Jeffrey Trail Science Olympiad Competition Team. He competes in Fossils, Experimental Design, Mystery Architecture, Thermodynamics, and Roller Coaster.

Personal Life

RyanNavilius is known as a person in ASB that is *usually* chill unless someone calls him "uncommitted" to Sci-Oly. He joined the Jeffrey Trail Science Olympiad team as an 8th grader.


User RyanNavilius competes in the Invitationals and competitions that Jeffrey Trail attends. The following is a raw list and debrief of each competition.

Kraemer Scrimmage

Fossils - 3

Thermodynamics - 3

Experimental Design - 5

Roller Coaster - 6

The Kraemer Scrimmage was RyanNavilius' first ever official competition. It amounted to a huge amount of pressure, as the Kraemer Scrimmage would be the ultimate factor in deciding the initial competition team. His first event was experimental design, which he had just recently joined and had little to no experience in. Being forced to rely on a quick lecture from a former JTMS Scioly member, he tried his best to succeed in the event. His next event was thermodynamics, which was considered the most competitive event in Jeffrey Trail, as 8 team members competed in thermodynamics, all being very well-prepared. His box ended up having a decent heat score, but a terrible prediction score, but his test score was enough to pull him to 3rd. His last event was fossils, which he had worked extremely hard on despite its low competitiveness compared to his other events. The fossils exam was considered very easy and he barely managed to get ahold of 3rd. Unfortunately, the roller coaster that he worked on with a partner did not go as well as planned, as the gaps did not function on the day of the competition. His performance was enough to carry him onto the competition team.

Ladera Vista Invitational

Fossils - 2

Thermodynamics - 8

Experimental Design - 7

Carmel Valley Invitational

Fossils - 7

Thermodynamics - 3

Experimental Design - 12

Mesa Robles Invitational

Fossils - 4

Thermodynamics - 1

Experimental Design - 3

Mystery Architecture - 27

Kraemer Invitational

Fossils - 18

Thermodynamics - 2

Experimental Design - 17

OC Regional

Fossils - 1

Thermodynamics - 1

Experimental Design - 3