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A Div B member of the BDJH scioly team.

Placings: Invitational Medals: 6

2019-2020 Regionals Medals: 2

UT Invitational
Anatomy: 3rd                                                 State medals: 0
Density Lab: 7th
PPP: 22nd(oof)                                                Nationals Medals: 0
Team: 2nd
  Anatomy: 3rd
  Density: 6th
  PPP: 2nd
  Team: 3rd


   Anatomy: 5th
   Density: 5th
   PPP: 5th

Centerville Invitational

  Anatomy: 5th
  Density: 23rd
  PPP: 14th

Team: 3rd

UT Regionals

  Anatomy: 2nd
  Density: 4th
  PPP: 6th
  Mission Possible: 6th

Team 1st Nats: Storm The Castle: DNC Codebusters: DNC Amazing Mechatronics: DNC

    • DNC refers to Did not compete, for the fact that Nats got canceled