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Tesla17 had his first competition in Division A, under Ogletree Elementary school in the 3-5th Grade. He is not sure wether he placed well, but for accuracy sake he got last in everything. In the 2013-14 season, in the 5th grade, Tesla17 forgot to go to regionals, putting him in shame and resulting in him quitting Science Olympiad. After a brief, 3 year hiatus, Telsla17 returned to the Scioly landscape as an 8th grader in the 2016-2017 season. He is, as of early 2018, a participating 9th Grader in Division B, in [[Auburn Junior High School]]. Tesla17 is a participant in Science Olympiad, located within Auburn, Alabama. He hopes to be a physicist of some sort (astro?).

History in Science Olympiad

Medal Record

Birmingham Regionals 2017 State 2017 Birminham Regionals 2018
Gold 2 0 To be announced
Silver 0 1 To be announced
Bronze 1 0 To be announced