Valparaiso High School

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Valparaiso High School
Member of SO since
Results History
Best regional 2007
Best state 2008, score of 96
Best nationals 2008: 11th place, 392 points

Valparaiso, IN, located in Northwest Indiana, has a very strong tradition of Science Olympiad success. Home to 4 time national appearing Ben Franklin Middle School and 19 time national apppearing (and 2 time National Champion) Thomas Jefferson Middles School, Valparaiso High School has great students feeding into it. A school of roughly 2,200 students, Valparaiso has a strong program for advanced students, offering over 15 AP courses, as well as an extremely rigorous IB program, including HL classes in Chemistry and Biology. With such high level classes offered in school, it's no surprise the students are well prepared for SO competition.

Current Team


1999 11th 476
2007 11th 430
2008 11th 392

I added a basic table above instead of comma separated text. You might consider adding a "venue" column to denote where these rankings were earned and allow for multiple venues in the same table, like:

Year Venue Rank Points
1999 Nationals 11th 476
States 1st x
Regionals 1st x
2007 Nationals 11th 430
States 1st x
Regionals 1st x
2008 Nationals 11th 392
States 1st x
Regionals 1st x

Easy to stick in Invitationals and stuff too.