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|Number B teams=0
|Number B teams=0
|Number C teams=11
|Number C teams=11
|Total teams=11 teams. 5 schools.
|Total teams=11 teams, 5 schools
|States location=University of Vermont
|States location=University of Vermont
|B champs=N/A
|B champs=N/A

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General Information
Total teams 11 teams, 5 schools
Division B Champion N/A
Division C Champion South Burlington High School
State Tournament Location University of Vermont
Website http://vermontcomplexsystems.org/events/vt-science-olympiad/

Vermont held their first state tournament, for Division C only, at Castleton University in the 2018 season.

In past years, Vermont has not hosted any tournaments, and has never sent a team to the national tournament. By National Science Olympiad rules, teams in a state without an organization can compete in any nearby state willing to invite them. In the past, both New Hampshire and Maine have had a standing open invitation to Vermont schools wanting to participate in Science Olympiad. A small number of teams in Vermont have participated in the past.


Past State Champions

Although Vermont did not hold any tournaments until 2018, New Hampshire awarded the highest-placed team from Vermont that competed in New Hampshire with the "Best Vermont Team" award. The recipient of this award is shown in the below table.

Year Division B Champion B Champ Nats Place Division B Runner-up Division C Champion C Champ Nats Place Division C Runner-up C Runner-Up Nats Place
2015 - - - Peoples Academy N/A - N/A
2016 - - - St. Johnsbury Academy N/A Peoples Academy N/A
2017 - - - St. Johnsbury Academy N/A N/A
2018 - - - South Burlington High School (55) N/A1 St. Johnsbury Academy (58) 57th
2019 - - - St. Johnsbury Academy N/A2 South Burlington High School 61st
1In 2018, St. Johnsbury Academy represented Vermont at the National Tournament.
2In 2019, South Burlington High School represented Vermont at the National Tournament.


As of the 2020 season, Vermont only has a state competition.

State Competition

March 14th, 2020 at the University of Vermont Cancelled due to 2019-20 Coronavirus outbreak


Division B

not applicable

Division C



Division B

As of 2020, there were no Division B teams from Vermont.

Division C

Essex STEM Academy
Long Trail Academy
Peoples Academy
South Burlington High School
St. Johnsbury Academy

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