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General Information
Total teams 11 teams, 5 schools
Division B Champion N/A
Division C Champion South Burlington High School
State Tournament Location University of Vermont

Vermont held their first state tournament, for Division C only, at Castleton University in the 2018 season.

In past years, Vermont has not hosted any tournaments, and has never sent a team to the national tournament. By National Science Olympiad rules, teams in a state without an organization can compete in any nearby state willing to invite them. In the past, both New Hampshire and Maine have had a standing open invitation to Vermont schools wanting to participate in Science Olympiad. A small number of teams in Vermont have participated in the past.


Past State Champions

Although Vermont did not hold any tournaments until 2018, New Hampshire awarded the highest-placed team from Vermont that competed in New Hampshire with the "Best Vermont Team" award. The recipient of this award is shown in the below table.

Season Division B Division C
Champion Runner-Up Third Place Champion Runner-Up Third Place
Team Nats Place Team Nats Place Team Team Nats Place Team Nats Place Team
2015 - N/A - N/A Peoples Academy N/A - N/A
2016 - N/A - N/A St. Johnsbury Academy N/A Peoples Academy N/A
2017 - N/A - N/A St. Johnsbury Academy N/A N/A
2018 - N/A - N/A South Burlington High School (55) N/A1 St. Johnsbury Academy (58) 57th
2019 - N/A - N/A St. Johnsbury Academy N/A2 South Burlington High School N/A
2020 Cancelled due to the 2019-20 Coronavirus outbreak
1 In 2018, South Burlington High School declined their bid and St. Johnsbury Academy represented Vermont at Nationals instead.
2 In 2019, St. Johnsbury Academy declined their bid and South Burlington High School received it. However, South Burlington no-showed at Nationals.


As of the 2020 season, Vermont only has a state competition.

State Competition

March 14th, 2020 at the University of Vermont Cancelled due to 2019-20 Coronavirus outbreak


Division B

not applicable

Division C



Division B

As of 2020, there were no Division B teams from Vermont.

Division C

Essex STEM Academy
Long Trail Academy
Peoples Academy
South Burlington High School
St. Johnsbury Academy

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