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Washington Middle School (Michigan) at a glance
Member of SO since
Best finish, regionals 1st, 2017 (Most Recent Time)
Best finish, state 11th, 2014
Best finish, nationals N/A

Washington Middle School is a Division B school located in Calumet, Michigan (in Region 1) which has advanced to the state tournament many times in recent history. Washington Middle School feeds into Calumet High School, which also often qualifies for the state tournament.

Results History

Year Regionals States
2004 7th -
2006 46th
2007 1st 40th
2008 1st 33rd
2009 1st 22nd
2010 1st 33rd
2011 1st 30th
2012 1st
2013 21st1
2014 11th
2015 1st 22nd
2016 1st 28th
2017 1st 30th
2018 2nd 20th
2019 2nd 29th
1: Received Most Improved Team Award