Welsh Valley Middle School

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Welsh Valley Middle School at a glance
Member of SO since ?
Best finish, regionals 1st Place, 2001
Best finish, state 1st Place, 2001
Best finish, nationals 11th Place, 2001

Welsh Valley Middle School is among the more competitive schools in Pennsylvania B Division, consistently placing within the top 10 at the state level. It competes in the southeastern region of Pennsylvania, and travels to Solon, Ohio to compete in the Solon Invitational every year. The school is in the same school district (Lower Merion School District) as Bala Cynwyd Middle School, Harriton High School and Lower Merion High School. The majority of students at Welsh Valley continue on to Harriton High School. The current and past coaches include Chris Lewis, Greg Gressel, John V'Soske, Sharon Schindler, Jason Gagliardi and others. Welsh Valley has made it to Nationals just once, in 2001, where it placed 11th overall. This is also the only time that Welsh Valley has won a state tournament.


Year Competition Rank
2001 Regional 1st
2001 State 1st
2001 National 11th
2002 Regional ???
2002 State ???
2003 Regional ???
2003 State ???
2004 Regional ???
2004 State ???
2005 Regional 2nd
2005 State 7th
2006 Regional 2nd
2006 State 5th
2007 Regional 2nd
2007 State 3rd
2008 Regional 2nd
2008 State 9th
2009 Regional 3rd
2009 State 8th
2010 Regional 3rd
2010 State 8th
2011 Regional 3rd
2011 State 5th
2012 Regional 3rd
2012 State 5th