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Teams from West Virginia most recently resumed participation in the Science Olympiad in 2015, when the inaugural West Virginia State Tournament was held at Marshall University. Prior to 2015, teams from West Virginia would compete in neighboring states, such as Ohio. Before 2015, West Virginia last sent a team to the National Tournament in its own right in 2003.

West Virginia At a Glance
Total teams 11 (2016)
B Champion Huntington Middle School
C Champion Parkersburg High School
States location Marshall University
State website http://www.marshall.edu/so/


Past State Champions

This is a record of the past state champions and runners up, and their respective places at the national competition, if applicable. Scores at the state competition may be shown in parentheses.

Year Division B Champion B Champ Nats Place Division C Champion C Champ Nats Place
1995 Ritchie County Middle School 53 Parkersburg South High School 52
1996 Tyler Consolidated High School 49
1997 Edison Junior High School 49 Tyler Consolidated High School 51
1998 Ripley Middle School 52 Tyler Consolidated High School 51
1999 Ripley Middle School 49 Ripley High School 53
2000 Ripley Middle School 51 Parkersburg High School 50
2001 Ripley Middle School 48 Parkersburg High School 52
2002 Jackson Jr. High School 53 Tyler Consolidated High School 59
2003 Jackson Jr. High School 39 N/A
2015 Huntington Middle School 59 Huntington High School 58
2016 Huntington Middle School 59 Huntington High School 59
2017 Huntington Middle School 55 Huntington High School 60
2018 Huntington Middle School Parkersburg High School


State Competition

State competition: February 24th, 2018 – Marshall University


Division B

Huntington Middle School

Division C

Huntington High School
Parkersburg High School
St. Joseph Central Catholic High School
Logan Senior High School